ByAngela Felgenhauer, writer at
Our house was surrounded by cornfields in all directions but the farmers harvested just days before. To the east of our house was a 2 story farm house which was vacant and had been for months. All of us kids were outside with our dad and uncle and we all just happened to be looking at that spooky house and out of no where this...I don't know...thing in shape of a person jumped from the ground to the top of the barn then disappeared. My dad and uncle started running across the field to find out what or who it was. Nothing there they said after that night we started experiencing lights flickering, footsteps upstairs, loud bangs inside & outside the house, tapping on the windows and voices. The house we lived in was the first place I seen a ghost. He was in a tall hat and it was like a shadow that walked between the television and I which was right next to the dinning room and when people would come over for a visit they never wanted to be in the dining room. I seemed to be affected more than the rest of my family I started having seizures basically out of no where and would vomit in my sleep. The older I got it did subside. We're these 2 houses connected in the paranormal world and connected to me having seizures and vomiting for no reason? I would say yes very good possibility.

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