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This is a list of MY top 5 FAVORITE superheroes of ALL-TIME! :D

#5 - Wonder Woman

The most iconic female superhero in history! What kind of list would it be without the legendary WONDER WOMAN!? She has empowered woman everywhere for decades, and is just plain BAD-ASS! The only super-chick that can not only take on Superman, but possibly even BEAT him! No one can deny the awesomeness that is Wonder Woman, and she deserves a spot on ANYBODY'S list of favorite superheroes! Don't agree? Well, her lasso should fix that. (:

#4 - Batman

I'm probably starting a riot with this one... *Gulp*. It is undeniable how great Batman is, but I couldn't justify putting him any higher on MY personal list. As a normal human with no crazy super powers, and a dark and haunting past, The World's Greatest Detective lends some relatability to mankind. The Caped Crusader has given us all amazing comics, animated series', and films over the 75 years he has been in existence, and I think we can all agree, there's a little Dark Knight in all of us.

#3 - Captain America

The first thing that popped in your head was most likely, "Seriously!? Cap is ABOVE Bats!?!?" Well, I hate to break it to ya, but to me, Captain America is WAY better! Think about it this way, who in the world of superheroes would YOU pick just to be friends with? If you didn't pick Steve Rogers, I feel sorry for you buddy. Cap is the type of guy that would not only come to your birthday party, but he'd probably be the one organizing it! I shouldn't have to ramble on about how cool he is, so if you need more proof, go read Marvel's 'Civil War' or watch 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'... that should definitely do the trick for all you naysayers! xD

#2 - Spider-Man

I was flipping back and forth constantly between who should be number 1 and 2, but in the end, there was only ONE who I felt could take the number 1 spot, and Spidey didn't quite make the cut. Who doesn't LOVE your Friendly Neighborhood SPIDER-MAN!? Teenagers all the way from the mid-60s to the modern age easily identify with Peter Parker, and it's pretty clear why. To see a high school kid get bullied and go through normal life struggles, made it that much more surprising and cool to find out that he was also a freakin' SUPERHERO! We've all been through adolescence, so we all have something to relate to when it comes to the good ol' wall-crawler. Swinging around New York City is everyone's idea of a good time, but honestly, why swing on a web... when you could fly...

#1 - Superman

Come on! You totally saw this coming! It's the Man of Steel himself! Everyone and their great great grandma knows who Superman is! 75+ years of incredible stories from all forms of media, and he's still going strong today. Hope, truth, justice, and the American way! Supes represents the part of ourselves that we all desperately strive for! He truly is the greatest superhero of all-time!!! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's Superman, taking the number 1 spot for the BEST superheroes of ALL-TIME!!!

What are YOUR top 5 favorite superheroes of all-time!? Let me know in the comments down below!

Neutral Fanboy OUT! xDD


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