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We spend most of our time with imaginary fantasies. Some of us cosplay. Some draw. This man known as Route 29 Batman spent the last years of his life going to visit the sick children stuck in hospitals. There are others like him. Men with no special powers. Men and women who give of their life to bring hope where it is usually short supply. When I heard he was struck while stranded on the side of the road I cried. It seems to be the fate of good men and women to die needlessly.

I didn't catch his real name in the short news post of his death. But it did mention he started dressing as Batman for his son. I don't have children myself. But I have nieces and nephews. They see me as Hulk because I'm strong. The way their faces light up when they see the heroes I grew up with walking amongst them. I took the boys to a wizard con and the 2 yr old went nuts with all the batmen. The 7 yr old loves spiderman and a wonderwoman who kept holding him to her breasts. For me heroes are meant to inspire us. To remind us hope never vanishes or dies. That as long as we draw a breath there is always hope. Yes I bitch alot about Ben. But that doesn't matter here. Here in this post is a long thank you to a fallen hero. He inspired. He planted seeds of hope. He gave until the moment he died.

Batman has died. But the legend never will.


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