ByDonna Johnstone, writer at
He started off being a scared little boy in the 1st part of the movie,but i,as well as everyone else, could see was that did not let being on the screen at a young age keep him from being an energetic kid. He was percfect for the role of harry potter. He has a great imagination and knew how to make it work well as he played his part. Nothing seemed to scare him even when there the scenes when people looked like they were dying. Its good that he could tell that his cast partners were all ok. I have the entire collection of the Harry Potter movies and the books. I like the books as much as the movies,but when you read the books you can put yourself into one of the roles. You can live at Hogswart school for witches and wizards and learn to cast spells.....its always good to pretend. I think its a healthy thing for people to do that..pretend they are a character on a movie or tv show. Daniel has a good head on his shouders and I think as he gets older he will look back on his expiences starring in Harry Potter as a great lesson. This will be a great bedtime story for his children when he decides to settle down and start a family of his own. Keep doing great work in your acting career. I look forward to seeing the next Harry Potter movie when it is written and produced for the screen. Thank you for being the great actor that you are. Donna Johnstone

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