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My movie script for a Spider-Man was kind of just free written out of boredom, not a lot of dialogue was inserted, but I hope you guys enjoy!


A baby is being born, as Richard, Ben, and May are watching the baby be placed into Mary's arms. Richard comes closer and kisses the baby on the forehead.

"You're gonna do great things for the world, things that I could never do. For as long as I am around I will be the best father I can be. That's a promise." Ben says, "what's the name, brother?" Richard and Mary look at each other, "Peter." They say at the same time, "Peter Benjamin Parker." Ben and May smile.

As the happy moment would transition to a few months later, when the parents would be packing their bags, and Richard would put a badge in his bag, clarifying he works for SHIELD. Him and Mary bring Peter to Ben and May's house. They talk back and forth about what is going to be going on, then they eventually say their last goodbyes to the 3 month old Peter, and his father tells him what he told him after he was born, Mary does the same, and they leave. As they walk out the door, Uncle Ben says, "You won't understand this now, but you're going to be a gifted young man, that's for sure. You're gonna do some good for the world, you're going to have your obstacles, but always remember, that with great power, will come great responsibility." They are going on a trip to do research on something the tesseract left behind. They are never seen again. Leaving a mystery behind, but reportedly a plane crash.

Fast forwarding about 15 years, Peter, his Aunt May and Uncle Ben are celebrating his 15th birthday, with cake and all that stuff. "This cake doesn't seem real guys." As he begins to explain a whole scientific reason behind why it's fake. He reveals he's joking around and all that stuff as Uncle Ben and Peter joke with each other back and forth throwing jabs at each other. "Oh yeah, you're going to that radioactive science fair tomorrow, correct?" "Yeah, you guys actually need to sign that permission slip. Not much longer before you guys don't have to cater to me like that!" "Alright Pete, go grab it real quick it's getting late!" Aunt May says. He runs up, and grabs it and gets it signed. "Now get your ass to sleep! You got a long day tomorrow!" "Alright Uncle Ben, thank you guys! Love ya!" As he runs up to sleep. "That kid is going to do some great things, May. Whatever it is, he will leave his mark." As they hug, "we raised him in a way that Mary and Richard would be proud, just like they would be proud of the young man he's becoming, and the wonderful man he will be." Aunt May says. "You got that right sweets." Uncle Ben says.

Peter wakes up, brushes his teeth, gets dressed, grabs his school bag and runs out the door, and Ben and May both yell, "have a great day Pete!" Pete runs to the bus, as he misses it, he runs to school. He shows up at school, sweating and winded, as Flash Thompson approaches him, picking on him, telling him "now that's why you should actually try in gym class, that is, if you don't already!" Peter just ignores him, as they're getting ready to get on the bus to the field trip. Peter sits next to a friend of his, Liz Allan, as the 2 awkwardly flirt back and forth. They arrive at the science fair, he rushes in due to excitement. Peter and Liz are walking around the fair together, "you're such a dork, Peter, but it's cute!" "Ohh uh umm thanks you're pretty beautiful too. Hahahaaaaaa um, look! The panel on insects and arachnids is starting up!" They walk over to it, as the host begins the presentation. "A special thanks to Oscorp and Pym tech, we bring you these special super insects and arachnids! There are many different spiders in the world, with different abilities, what we have been trying to do lately, is put together a new species, which has unfortunately failed, time and time again..." As they continue, another friend of Peter's Gwen Stacy walks over as Liz gives her a smile but the 2 show jealousy, due to the fact they both like Peter's dorkyness. Harry Osborn and Ned Leeds run up and Harry says "Pete!! This is awesome!! Ya know I nev.." "Guys, I'm trying to watch!! I'll catch you guys later." As he walks over to a closer area, and Liz and Gwen follow, "since when did Peter get girls following him around all the time?!?" Ned asks, then Harry replies, "I don't know, but a sense a change in him coming, and I feel like it's for his own benefit." Ask Peter, Gwen, and Liz are watching the presentation, the host says, "the one that we did the trial on went missing, so we are unaware of the result, we believe it is deceased." Just after that was said, that very same spider was going down its strand of webbing down to Peter, as it lands on him, he turns and says, "Liz, stop playin!" "What are you talking about you goofball?" "Gwen!!" " have a.." "AH!" Peter says quietly.

Peter starts feel weird, as the bus is about to go, he lets the driver know he's just gonna walk home. He feels drowsy and nauseous, he storms through the door at home and goes right up to bed, as Uncle Ben and Aunt May both look at each other, "long day.." Aunt May said, as Uncle Ben says, "I feel like something's coming, May. Change."

Pete wakes up, feeling amazing, with a new swagger and attitude. Runs right by Uncle Ben and Aunt May to school without a problem. Didn't even break a sweat. He runs through the door and reports to gym class, where Flash Thompson confronts him and says, "you actually going to try today, punk?" "Oh, yeah, you'll see..bitch." "What Parker?!" "Oh you'll see, you're gonna wish your pants were brown." They go out to gym and start playing dodgeball. As Flash kept trying to get Pete, he kept dodging, while doing some flips and stuff cracking jokes. He whips a ball that was thrown at Liz right back at Flash, and it knocks him right back into the wall, causing him to poop himself. "Told you to wear brown pants." Peter says, walking out, with all the nerds, Liz, and Gwen's jaws to drop and smile.

As Peter runs home, he discovers he can jump ridiculously high, and sense when stuff is coming at him. He runs right into and starts eating immediately and then runs up and turns on the tv and Monday Night Raw is on, as he's watching these guys, he sees an add saying that there's going to be a show coming to New York, and he says to himself that he's gonna try to do it, because he believes he can. He starts to design a suit to wear so people can't tell he's just a kid. Uncle Ben walks in on and asks what he's drawing, and he says, "science homework." "Peter, don't lie to me. What are you drawing." "Rey Mysterio." "Look kiddo, you're changing. You're going through some stages, but the attitude isn't needed. Really." "Attitude? Do you want attitude? Cause I can show you attitude faster than a" "Cocky now too, huh?" "Nah just not lame anymore." "Listen, Pete. Something's different. It changed the day you came home from the science fair. Is there something that happened?" He looks at his hands which has a spider bite. "Let's go for a walk, Pete"

They walk by aunt May as she looks worried, he gives a head nod and says he loves her. "I told you something when you were only a few months old. You're going to go through obstacles, Pete. It's your job to go out and dodge those obstacles, but give yourself and the world the best your can give. It's all about making everything as good as they can be. There's always responsibility that needs to be taken care of. Now, Pete, with great power, comes great responsibility." "Uh...ok...well I'm gonna go get some milk, sound good?" "Peter, knock it off." "Ok, bye man." He runs to the store as uncle Ben follows. As Peter runs into the store the clerk says "do you have a phone kid? Call the cops!!!" "Nah man, don't feel like it, use your own." "Look if you want your milk, you're gonna need to, I just got robbed!" "Well then..." His senses buzz for the first time, as it hurts at first "AHH!" "You alright kid?" They both hear a gunshot right outside the store, "I'm so sorry, man I really am." "It's all good, don't go out there man it's dangerous!" "I'm gonna check if everyone's ok." Right as he walks outside, he sees uncle Ben laying there, "everything's gonna be alright kid. Everything's gonna be ok." As he uttered his last words, he died. Peter started to melt down, and then anger took over. The police came over and told Peter that they're going to look for him, and Peter asked, "what does he look like..?" "Witnesses believe he was wearing a baseball hat, with a letterman jacket, red and brown." He runs away. He runs home and throws on a red mask, red and blue sweatshirt, black sweats, and white running shoes, with light up goggles for night vision. He jumps out the window and begins the chase.

He jumps building to building, alleyway to alley way, looking for the man. He comes upon a nervous man running away, continuously looking over his shoulder. Peter jumps down and doesn't know how to land. Senses in his head are telling him something about his wrists, and then he hears, "I love you Pete." He casts a web! He catches the man and asks him, "Why so scared? Huh? Murderer!" Peter starts to beat on him, as the man fires shots. Peter dodges all of them. He comes back down and kicks his head so hard his neck snapped. As Peter is in complete shock, he continues to back away, not knowing what to do, until the cops pull up, and he runs away, the cops start shooting at him and obviously don't hit him. He swings threw the window and breaks down after he takes the mask off. Aunt May walks up, crying, hugging him. "It's gonna be ok sweetie."

He walks into school the next day, everyone walking up to him saying sorry. He finally just snaps and punches a locker, completely into the wall, and then walks away. He starts continuing to draw a suit, but not to wrestle in. He makes a red and blue suit, like the classic comic one, but without the black, until the red and blue markers run out. He looks at the bite on his hand, smiles, and draws the spiderwebs and a spider on the chest. "That's cool looking Pete! It looks like a Spider-Man or something. It's amazing!" Gwen says, "thank you."as his eyes widen, He replies. He vents to her, and Liz comes over, they both help let him know they're there for him. He thanks them and leaves.

Peter goes home after buying a police scanner, thinking to himself what Uncle Ben said. Replaying in his head, he smiles, as he hears the scanner say, "we have a stolen car speeding down St. John's street." He opens up a draw and looks up, smiling.

The cops finally find the car, hung up by several webs, with a note saying, 'here's your early Christmas present guys. -your friendly neighborhood...Spider-Man.'

As it's all over the news, Gwen looks at the tv strangely, and says to herself, "that's the suit that Pete designed, and that's what I told him he looked like" after she read the heading say 'The Spider-Man'

He sees Gwen at the locker and she asks, "is that a friend of yours?" "Oh yeah, kinda, hah, it's a weird story." "He stopped 6 crimes yesterday, Peter, what's that bruise on the side of your face from? Are you alright?" "Oh yeah I'm fine, I was playing football." "Peter, you don't play football." "I know, aha." "Gwen, wanna go to a movie or something?" "Woah don't rush it Pete, I'm still trying to deal with the fact your friends with this new Spider-Man guy. I'll catch you around though!"

A shooting outside of a movie theatre occurs in downtown New York, as there's a limo that pulls up with several henchmen that hop out to try to take out Spider-Man while he's trying to take down the other gunmen at the same time. There's a man with a trench coat and a fedora riding low on his head that steps out of the limo and states, "oh kid, the things I low about you. You're gonna be heartbroken when you find out the truth about your parents." He laughs sharply and gets back into the car. Spider-Man looks at the limo suspiciously, as it drives away. He webs up all the gunmen to leave for the cops and then takes off.

Spidey swings up to a building and lays down for a rest after he puts a stop to it. He looks over and sees a girl older than him in the window with blackish hair smiling, flirtatiously. He shakes his head and leaves.

A man with a silver shelled face walks into a room, with a few others, as he says, "so, there is a new threat, around. The Amazing, the Spectacular, the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, now we can't do anything we want to do with him here, he'll be there to stop us. So we'll have to take down the freak. We want New York to be ours, correct? I've been given inside sources and details about this kid. We need to go at him aggressively." "D'mitri, why don't we just get your brother to help us?" "I'm not on good terms with him at the moment, but, I can ask you this, do you want to live?" "Yes, yes, sir I'm sorry." "Good. Now I've spoken with Mr. Fisk, my plans are to terminate the Spider-Man, using the information I know, and the henchman we have. Mr. Shultz, I'd like you to lead them, use those weapons you got too." "You got it boss." "If any of you question Herman's orders, you will be the next ones terminated, along with the bug man."

Peter sits at his desk in class and falls asleep as Gwen tries to wake him up. "Shhh I'm trying to sleep" he mumbles. As she smiles at him. "My dad is having a hard time bringing down that Spider-Man, maybe you could help." "Nah how could I help? I don't know him." "Peter, you told me you did the other day, you designed that suit." "Oh yeah, uhh, I dunno." His senses buzzed, as he said, "but I gotta go to the bathroom!" He ran to the bathroom, changed and dipped out.

Spidey swings to the scene, which is a random building, with a few gang members outside, Spidey drops down and takes them out, "so, Mr. Parker. It's just you and I right now, but that could change at anytime. So be aware of that." Spider-Man asks, "who the hell are you, the man turns around and it appears to be uncle Ben, and he obviously looks surprised. Backing up saying, "impossible, I watching you die on my knees." "You failed, just like I knew you would." He pulls up a gun and fires it and Spidey dodges it, and webs it out of the hands, and he turns around and sees another guy, with a tan and yellow suit, "alright, time to SHOCK the bug even more! But in a different way. Here's a hello from the Shocker." As his sonic boom powered gloves fire and Spidey dodges and the 2 get into an action packed battle, as Spidey is still getting use to fighting and using his powers, this makes the battle more even than it should be. Spidey notices that the other man got away, but continues to fight Shocker. He starts cracking jokes, then finally dashes at him and defeats him, and starts to beat on him, "tell me about the other guy! Who is he!?!?Who do you guys work for!?!??" "I'm afraid I can't tell you, kid. He's many different people, he's like a Chameleon." Spider-Man punches him again, knocking him out, just as he heard a voice, "oh be careful, don't hurt my thugs like that. I still pay money for them" Spidey turns around to the Kingpin stepping out of an SUV. "Now, once we take you and the other one out, we will be able to build this city how we want it." "What other one?" "Oh, you haven't met him yet? Too bad you won't get the chance" as more thugs pull up, attempting to jump him, but are unable to, after a quick hand to hand sequence between Spidey and Kingpin, "I must get back to real work." Kingpin says, as Shocker gets back up shooting at him, and Spidey dodged uncontrollably. He finally came down and took him down, and beat the shit out of him. He webbed him to the wall and let the police come for him, and he took off.

He swung through the window of the house, fell to the ground immediately, and passed out, due to exhaustion. He hears Uncle Ben's voice talking to him as he's fading away, and he says, "get up Peter! Get up! You're doing an AMAZING job. Keep doing what you're doing kiddo, be their hero, be there vest, and keep it away from the ones you love...get up kid! Your Aunt's coming up the stairs!" Peter jumps up into bed, shuts the lights off and pulls the blanket over him and pretends to be asleep. She opens the door, and looks confused, she sees the window is still opened, shakes her head in confusion and walks downstairs.

He goes down for breakfast in the morning as him and Aunt May talk, "so, what've you been up to? It's been a few days since we've talked! You're always busy, and coming home without me even knowing! Is there a girlfriend I should know about?" "No no no aunt May, it's really none of that. I've just been busy with some projects and stuff, you know?" "Yeah, and I want you to explain some of those bruises to me, are you being bullied again?" "Nah, he learned his lesson...but I gotta run to school! Love ya!" "Stay safe sweetie."

Ned and Harry are at Peter's locker as he walks in, talking to him about how cool Spider-Man is, and they as how he feels about him. "He's the man, huh? Haha I wish I could do the stuff he does hahah." Peter days, as his senses buzz right after he says that, Gwen walks over to him and talks to him about having dinner, "yeah, of course Gwen! I'll see you tonight!" As they hug, his senses ring heavily again. They walk into class, and sit next to each other, as Liz Allan is acting jealous. Peter tries to play it off, as his senses ring one more time, and the teacher continues to stair at Peter, and he smirks, and Peter's senses right again, and the teacher looks at Gwen, and nods his head. Peter runs out of the class, and sounds the fire alarm, causing everyone to go outside. Except for the teacher, Peter comes back in and changed into Spider-Man, and swings towards the class, "THIS ISNT SAFE, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MR. KILPATRICK." "Oh don't worry your little mind, he's already dead. Let's just blame it on you." The doors break down and in comes more of their henchmen. "You're trapped Spider-Man, and so is your little girlfriend." As Peter's senses ring, he turns and one of the henchmen walk in with Gwen, "LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS, CHAMELEON." "Oh, you're all out of jokes, aren't you? Well maybe it's time to kill Ms. Stacy." "Don't, you, dare." "Or what?" Spider-Man finally snaps, and beats on all the thugs almost at once, causing Chameleon to grab ahold of Gwen. "Listen kid, this is an obstacle that you won't be able to hurdle." "Let me go! Why did you choose me?" "Oh, you'll find out, sooner or later." Kingpin storms through the door with a man with a flat head as his bodyguard. "Joe, gun down." Kingpin says. "What do you guys want from her." "We" Gwen looks at Spider-Man, after she's thrown to him by Chameleon. "Let's see how you can handle more than one thing at a time, bug boy." Chameleon holds a detonator to a bomb, with a passcode on it, and then tosses it to Spidey, "figure this out, save the students, then, come find us. HAHAHA." The school starts filling with smoke, and they disappear, "Spider-Man! You can do it! I know you can!" "I don't know the passcode." "We have to get out of here!" He jumps out of the window with Gwen and swings her to a nearby building. "Thank you for saving my life, Spider-Man. My dad doesn't quite like you very much, but I do. I'm a huge fan. Do you know Peter?" "Yeah, he's a good kid. Why do you ask?" "Well, I kind of really care for him, I'm actually extremely worried about him. I want to be with him, I really do." "Well, um, I'll see what I can do." He turns, and as he's about to swing away, she asks, "one more question, why did they take me, out of everyone else?" "Well, like they said. You'll find out, sooner or later."

Peter and May go to a diner for dinner, and she's reading a newspaper, published by the daily bugle, with the headline saying, "Spider-Man accused of High School collapse." And right below it says, "photographer needed." May throws the paper in the trash saying, "I don't know what to believe about Spider-Man, what do you think?" "Umm, I'm not too sure." He picks up the paper out of the trash as May looks away. His senses buzz.

Kingpin, Chameleon, and 'Joe' are in an office, and they're trying to plan the next actions to take on Spider-Man. And Daredevil storms through the window. "Listen, Fisk, I'll put you right back where you belong." "Well! Long time no see my friend. Gun down, Joe. Have you met the new one yet?" "No, but whether it's him or I, you're going down." As Chameleon walks out slyly, he steps into the elevator, and then he hears a cough, "umm, what do you call it when a chameleon steps into an elevator, with a spider." "SHIT!" "No, no, wrong answer, but, like I told an old friend of mine, brown pants hide what could occur, which, could be shit. Literally." He starts to beat the shit out of Chameleon, which started off a solid fight, until Spidey won, and then Kingpin here's the elevator banging around, as he calls for it to come back up. It opens, with Chameleon on the ground, with his face changing a lot due to getting his head knocked in. Daredevil says "turn around." He turns around and the 2 start an epic fight, and then Fisk calls in for more henchmen and Joe starts shooting at Spider-Man who is jumpin around the room cracking wise jokes, "HAHA YOUR HEAD LOOKS FUNNY! WHAT HAPPENED TO IT DUDE HAHA" Spider-Man takes out Joe after a solid fight, due to Spidey having to dodge the shooting of the intense machine guns, and then Daredevil starts to fight the other henchmen that approached, with Spider-Man. Once they're done. Kingpin is in the corner trying to prepare to fight both of them. Spider-Man and Daredevil give each other a head nod and go at him. Obviously defeating him. They shake hands, "thanks kid." "No problem, I'll see you around!"

Peter goes to dinner with Gwen, as they are talking about what happened to the school, and how Fisk is locked back up. "You know, I finally got to talk to your friend the other day. He saved my life. He told me to do something, that, I really feel I need to do now. Peter, I...I..." "Don't need to say it Gwen, I feel the same way, but there's something else." As they interrupt each other with kisses, His senses buzz. It cuts to a man walking into a prison, where the Chameleon is being held. "Let's get you out of here, brother." A very Russian voice said. They arrive at a mansion, and Chameleon says, "so, you've took down a lot of these fierce animals easily, huh?" "Yup, one might not be so easy, but I'll achieve my goal." He walks into a room and starts working on his aim, where there's a Spider-Man picture, and then he says, "wanna know where I'll put him?" He walks out into the living room, where he has a huge case, and there is a huge tag at the bottom of the case that says, "The Spider-Man" he walks back into the room and shoots the target. It cuts back to Peter and Gwen kissing. And his senses buzz again, and he says, "I can't Gwen." "But Peter, I love you." "Gwen, you too. And that's why I can't." As she starts to cry, he stands up, lifts her head up, and then he smiles. And he looks out the window where the police cars are flying by. He walks out, as Gwen looks out the window, Spider-Man looks at her through the window, thumbs up, and swings towards the chase, her jaw drops, the final swing occurs.


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