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The final season of Strike Back is here. New episodes air every Saturday at 9pm. Stay tuned to HBO Defined every Saturday night for 100% ad-free weekends.

HBO Defined brings to you the final season of Strike Back as we bid adieu to the series. Strike Back season 4, the final season takes you on yet another journey around the world with Section 20 while they solve critical cases, bringing down militants threatening world peace.Tough missions, action sequences, shootouts, there’s everything to keep you glued to your couches. So tune into HBO Defined every Saturday at 9 PM for new episodes of Strike Back Season 4. 100% ad-free.

Based on the book by novelist and ex-Special Air Service (SAS) soldier Chris Ryan, Strike Back follows the story of Section 20, a secretive wing of the British Intelligence, involved in various high priority and risky missions worldwide. For those who’ve not been able to keep up with the series, here’s a short walk through it. Started in 2010, this action adventure tv season 1 introduces us to John Porter, an ex-SAS member who is involved in the pursuit of militants responsible behind a journalist’s abduction which brings to light certain truths that are hard to digest and smell of betrayal. The second season involves the abduction of Porter himself and the search for the militant takes Section 20 to Hungary. But it turns out, the militant had something sinister planned out.

After a twist and turn of events, the mission is a failure and lives are sacrificed, trusts betrayed and people are framed. Season 3 witnesses the addition of a new character, Major Rachel Dalton, former intelligence operative, who takes over as the new head of Section 20. Section 20 is on a mission in Africa where nuclear triggers are delivered to a philanthropist with ulterior motives- to start a nuclear war. Amidst all this, there are individual battles being fought. Stonebridge lost his wife. She was murdered and he’s out to avenge her death. With action sequences and wild goose chase, adrenaline levels rise. Coming to the final season, Season 4 starts off after a slight delay due to Sullivan Stapleton suffering a critical injury on the sets.

The story starts off with Section 20 having a new mission on its plate. This time, it’s finding the person behind the kidnapping of a British consulate’s daughter. But there’s more that what meets the eye. There’s something dark,something sinister hidden behind all this. Will Section 20 be able to uncover the masterplan behind all this and finally restore peace in the world? Tune in every Saturday at 9pm on HBO Hits to find out. Though we don’t know what awaits us at the end of the season, we can certainly guarantee one thing- 100% ad-free entertainment. So better stay tuned.


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