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A few days ago, former Deadwood actor Garret Dillahunt inadvertently set the internet on fire with rumors - which HBO later suggested there was some truth to - that the popular TV western was going to return.

As far as Dillahunt knew, it would be a movie that Al Swearengen and the residents of the seedy saloon would make their comeback in.

But maybe that wasn't entirely correct....

In a new interview with Talent Monthly magazine, actor Stephen Tobolowsky, who played Hugo Jarry on Deadwood, says he's heard it'll be a new series.

“Deadwood was too expensive, so HBO pulled the plug. I hear they are going to attempt a new series: Deadwood ten years later.”

That makes sense - especially if it's a truly limited series, which HBO specialise in. And with Timothy Olyphant free from Justified commitments now, he'll be free to do it.

In that same interview, Tobolowsky had some fun things to say about working on that first incarnation of the show.

"There never was…there never will be anything like Deadwood. I would not call it a blast. It was an extraordinary creation to be sure. Great beauty, great beauty. It was terrifying. David Milch liked to shoot with natural light so we were up before dawn every day rehearsing in darkness. As soon as the sun rose we began shooting.

“Then David would stop us and say, “You know what this scene needs? A cattle stampede.” The wranglers would gather two hundred head of cattle from the waiting area and release them during the scene giving us the instructions, “If they start running toward you, get the hell out of there.”

Read the full interview here

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Stephen Tobolowsky in Deadwood
Stephen Tobolowsky in Deadwood

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