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Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch took a massive departure from her squeaky-voiced character of Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz to star in The Bronze.

The Bronze is about Hope Annabelle Gregory, a former gymnastic hero, who has fallen on hard times and lives in the basement of her father’s home. Forgotten, bitter, foul-mouthed and vindictive, Hope gets a chance to once again share the spotlight of glory when she gets the opportunity to mentor an upcoming young gymnast, played by Haley Lu Richardson.

Complications occur when Hope plans to do anything but help the young star.

Fried food is good for you.
Fried food is good for you.

The Bronze featured at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2015.

A number of critics praised Melissa Rauch, who wrote the screenplay with her husband, Winston.

Rauch with Sebastian Stan.
Rauch with Sebastian Stan.

Despite the films raunchy nature and a “revenge” sex scene that was considered the most over-the-top carnal romp in cinematic history, reviewers felt the role could be one of a breakout nature for the diminutive co-star of The Big Bang Theory.

Plans were to give the film a limited release July 10, 2015 with a wide release on July 31, 2015. Then the plans were changed and The Bronze was pushed back to October, 2015 to avoid the barrage of summer comedies.

Things really got complicated when Relativity Media, which held US distribution rights for the film, filed for bankruptcy in late July. Legal counsel for Relativity filed for Chapter 11 protection, which enables the business to restructure its debts. It is hard to know what becomes of the company’s distribution rights to The Bronze (or any other film they held similar rights to).

Variety, in trying to make sense of the fiscal nightmare, posited that among the films likely to get picked up by a new distributor is The Bronze.

Though it could happen, such a deal is unlikely to happen soon and, as such, the publication speculated that the film, as things stand now, is unlikely to meet its October release plans because there would need to be a proper time frame for the requisite promotion and activities.

Should Variety be correct in their assertion then The Bronze will have missed two premiere dates.

Melissa Rauch is back at work on The Big Bang Theory where filming recently began on the show’s ninth season. The Big Bang Theory premieres September 21, 2015.

She has not yet publicly commented on the situation surrounding the film.

Getting ready to start season 9.
Getting ready to start season 9.

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