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*Here there be spoilers (for season 5, the season 6 trailer and The Walking Dead graphic novels)*

The Walking Dead has never exactly been wholly faithful to its source material, rather engaging in a brief flirtation with the text, taking plot points and stringing them along roughly in the same order, changing the story enough to make the two worth talking about as entirely separate texts. This is by no means a bad thing. Adapting a comic into a highly successful television show is always going to involve a great deal of translation between the two medium, and Darabont’s The Walking Dead is in some ways better than the graphic novel from which it takes it’s narrative (once you get past the dreadfully slow season two).

These two don't even exist in the graphic novel...
These two don't even exist in the graphic novel...

The highly anticipated season 6 begins October 11th, and there's already been widespread speculation on what we can expect from it. Unlike other adapted media it's always a bit trickier to predict how new seasons of The Walking Dead are going to play out, so it's still unconfirmed if season 6 will bring us major characters like "Jesus" Paul Monroe (an envoy from another larger, community) or the vicious overlord Negan and all the hell his people bring down upon the survivors.

What does the trailer tell us?

The first trailer is online now and it looks like it's heading into an eventual showdown between Rick and Morgan. The last time these two old comrades saw each other was back in season three when Rick returned to King Country to retrieve weapons from his former sheriff's department. The Morgan he met then was bitter and unhinged following the death of his son; now he appears to have adopted a more zen-like attitude, avoiding violence when he can, but the trailer suggests that this newfound discipline may be covering up a darker interior.

What will become of Alexandria?

It looks like Deanna will be given a more active role in the new season. We first see her in the trailer as she grieves over the pool of her husband's blood. The death of Reg was a pivotal moment for all of Alexandria as Deanna gave into Rick's demands and ordered him to kill Pete. From this moment on it seems that, though she may still act as a figurehead for the community, Rick has become the de facto leader.

There is some resistance from within however, unreset seemingly riled up by Morgan. In the graphic novel it is Nicholas (who you may remember from season 5 as the cowardly community member who causes Noah's death and tries to kill Glen) who attempts a coup, but he is quickly made to stand down. Rick manages to resolve the matter peacefully, even taking Nicholas in as a member of their council. Here however, it seems that Rick is still struggling to balance survival with humanity, which could mean that his greatest threat is not the walkers at their door, but the question of whether or not he can protect his family whilst holding onto what makes him human. Perhaps this is the season where our hero truly will become one of the walking dead.

"That’s the trick of it, I think. We do what we need to do, and then we get to live. No matter what we find in D.C., I know we’ll be okay. This is how we survive: We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead."


What are you most looking forward to seeing in season 6?


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