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Jennifer Love Hewitt brought the nostalgia train steaming home this weekend with a call out for a reboot of the underrated '90's teen movie Can't Hardly Wait. The coming of age graduation flick stars a myriad of old school cinema favorites (Seth Green, Peter Facinelli, a stoned Jason Segel as 'Watermelon Guy' AND Sean Patrick Thomas as 'Jock No. 2').

After attending a screening at Cinespia this weekend, Hewitt sent out a public request via Twitter calling for a reunion. Could this possibly be the first time a star has pulled a move like this and it not been met with collective boos and stone throwing?

It could be so great! I mean, let's remind ourselves of some of the best scenes.

Meeting Amanda Beckett a.k.a. the Hottest Girl in School...

Kenny Fisher a.k.a Special K and his love scented candle...

It's been 17 years since Can't Hardly Wait hit theaters in 1998, let's check out what the hopefully soon to be reunited cast looks like now...

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Amanda Beckett

Ethan Embry - Preston Meyers

Charlie Korsmo - William Lichter

Lauren Ambrose - Denise Fleming

Peter Facinelli - Mike Dexter

Seth Green - Kenny Fisher

(Source: uproxx)


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