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Considering Vin Diesel is perhaps one of the most emotionally sensitive and kind-hearted human beings in the business right now, the following doesn't really come as much of a surprise.

But still, it needs to be reported that as well as being an all-round awesome person, the Furious 7 heavy-weight is also a lover of nature.

Channeling his character of Groot, the Flora colossus sapling from Planet X in the sci-fi flick Guardians of the Galaxy, Diesel recently posted another heart-warming video (albeit, not one in which he's singing his heart out!) onto his Facebook page.

In the clip, Vin reminds us of the importance of doing our part for nature. Which definitely means protecting all the tiny creepy-crawlies in our midst, and saving all those little frogs in our backyards.

In the short video, aptly titled "Happy Creative" (which is what Vin is, obvs!), he introduces us to his tiny wayward pal, saying:

"I'm actually carrying a frog, a little frog, on the edge of this stick here. He wanted to return to the pond and I thought I'd oblige."

Before he gives an adorable little nod, he adds:

"As you know, we're always doing our part for nature."

Vin then lets the camera zoom in on the lucky little creature, before the lovable giant repeats the last sentiment about caring for our surroundings. What a guy!

Check out the actor's heroic act in the short video here:

Happy creative...

Posted by Vin Diesel on Sunday, 16 August 2015

Oh Vinny, you are such a hero and we wish there were more wonderful people like you in Hollywood! Keep those inspirational vids coming!



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