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As if the residents of California haven't had a hard enough time already with the drought conditions that have lasted for a ridiculous 4 years, apparently this Winter a giant monster will emerge from the depths of the ocean and tear through the West Coast like it's Mothra. Or so I read.

This winter will see the biggest El Niño we've experienced since 1950, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began keeping record of these terrible storms.

Dubbed "Godzilla El Niño" by the calming influence that is the media, the storm front could bring an extreme amount of rain to California, but not enough to reverse the damage of the extended drought.

In order for an El Niño to be considered strong, the temperature of the Pacific Ocean has to be 2 degrees Celsius warmer than average over a run of, at least, three months, which has been occurring over the last few months.

via NOAA

This abnormal warming of the ocean occurs when trade winds over the equatorial Pacific change direction or calm down a bit, allowing warmer water to settle in the predominantly cooler waters of the Northwestern coast of South America.

That doesn't sound like much, but the effect that the warming has on the environment is akin to, as Dennis Mersereau so aptly put it, the effect a fever has on our body.

The more vigorous the warming, the bigger the detrimental effect on the weather will be, which in turn will lead to the cooler temperatures that will allegedly lead into spring.

As I touched on earlier, though the expected rainfall from the El Niño will be plentiful, it would require 12 to 20 inches of rainfall over 6 months to rectify the drought in Cali's Central Valley. And the amount of rain depends on what's happening across the Northern Hemisphere and whether the North Atlantic Oscillation remains in the minus or not.

This is quite perturbing news, and I wish everyone in California a safe set of months. Shout out to my Moviepilot co-workers in Venice! El Niño has the potential to shake up the weather patterns of the world, so we all may endure a potentially interesting end to 2015. Be safe, everyone.

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