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I'm imagining most of us have all seen the (fairly outlandish) fan theory that Robin (be he Jason Todd or Dick Grayson or Tim Drake) is actually the Joker in the new DC Expanded Universe. If you haven't, then I'd recommend you check out Kit Simpson Brown's article on it here. Now whether or not you think it's true, personally I don't see it happening, it's a fascinating idea to consider. So let me sway you over with why it's a potential goldmine in terms of storytelling.

1) It would surprise fans

It's a problem that I imagine many comic readers, and friends of comic readers, have gone through. We know the stories of these films. If you've ever read a comic that a film is based on then you end up knowing how the film turns out. A prime example is Captain America: Winter Soldier. As soon as someone in the know about the Winter Soldier storyline saw that title they immediately guessed that Buck Barnes was coming back as the titular villain. But Robin being the Joker is something that hasn't really happened in the comics before. Sure, it's an idea that's been played with in animation and in Frank Miller's (terrible) The Dark Knight Strikes Again) but never has it been so fully brought to fruition in the way that this fan theory would have us believe. It's hard to actually shock me in a comic-book film, but this? This could do it.

2) It's a natural escalation for the Red Hood

In the comics, after Jason Todd is murdered by the Joker and then comes back to life, he takes up the persona of the Red Hood; an identity of the man the Joker was before becoming the Joker. He does it to remind Batman both of his hand in turning Joker into what he is today and his inability to save Jason. It's a sick way of shoving his two greatest failures in Bruce's face and making him pay for them. But say Jason decided that rather than simply becoming a previous alter-ego of the Joker, he would go one step further and become the Joker. After all, dying and coming back from the dead is something that could do serious damage to anyone's head. So in doing this, he would be bringing the full force of Batman's regret down upon him. It's saying to him: "First you created the Joker, then you failed me, and created him again. Now pay for it."

3) It would ruin Batman

Extending on from that last point, imagine Batman's reaction to that. His once beloved protégé coming back from the dead for vengeance by psychologically tormenting him. How would he deal with that? As a Batman nearing the end of his tether, this kind of revelation could really drive him close to breaking point. Seeing this unfold in a solo Batman film would have the potential to be an incredibly moving and refreshing look into the psyche of the Dark Knight. Not only would he have to defeat the Joker/Robin, but he would need to come to terms with how drastically he failed him. That could be even better than the classic Under the Red Hood storyline.

4) It means a classic Joker is out there

If you look at Jared Leto's Joker and think to yourself that you can't ever accept him as the Clown Prince of Crime then this would be good news for you. Assuming that the theory is correct, and that the Joker turned Robin into someone as twisted as he is, that means that there is a very real possibility of a more classic style Joker out there in the world somewhere. Maybe he's in hiding, enjoying seeing Robin wreak havoc on Batman, or doing something similar to the recent Death of the Family story where he discovers all the Bat-Family's secret Identities and comes back to Gotham in order to wreak havoc among them. The important thing is that we get a fresh and intriguing new take on the Joker from Jared Leto, with the possibility of some more beloved Mr J somewhere down the line.

5) A different kind of Joker

Imagine a Joker who has been raised, trained and equipped by Batman. He has all the physicality and combat ability of his ex-mentor, he knows almost every trick the Caped Crusader has up his sleeve and he knows his weaknesses. Past that, having been on one side of the fence and protecting Gotham, he knows full well the perfect way to bring it to its knees. This Joker won't simply threaten to unleash poisonous gas or a boring old bomb, he'll systematically take out key locations and then set about laying a perfect trap for Batman. Hell, he knows all about that secret identity. he could invade Wayne Manor, kidnap Alfred and raise the Batcave to the ground. He's also younger, fresher and in his prime. Batman would probably be inferior from a physical view. So rather than their encounters simply being Batman locking him up, he would be able to give him a damn good run for his money in a showdown.

Wrapping Up...

So thanks for Reading guys. Did I convince you that this idea has potential? Either way, please do check out my new YouTube channel I started: 60 Second Rants. Even if you think it sucks, the videos are only a minute long anyway. But anyway, let us know your thoughts below and enjoy your life.


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