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Gravity Falls has been pulling out all the stops in season 2: with crazy conspiracies, inter-dimensional portals, and long lost twins, this show really likes to keep the audience guessing! But the fun can only last for so long. There's something big coming to Gravity Falls (maybe next episode!), and thanks to Bill Cipher the world will never be the same again! And one major character will not survive whatever Bill has planned...

Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls and plot teaser extraordinaire, recently terrified fans on his Twitter by revealing that there will be a big character death this season.

With Bill Cipher and the journals predicting gigantic world-ending destruction sometime soon, we're in for a wild ride! But who will bite the bullet, and is Bill really planning apocalypse? Join us as we dive down the rabbit hole of Easter eggs and secret codes but beware, you may not like what you find!

Apocalypse Now(ish)

Gravity Falls is pretty amazing when it comes to foreshadowing, and just as Grunkle Stan's twin brother was hinted at way back in season 1, a world changing (or world ending) event has been a long time coming. In the book Dipper and Mabel's Guide to Non-Stop Fun, a secret code proved to fans that apocalypse is coming, and it's not going to be pretty...

"The end of the world is closer than the end of the summer!"

So what is this potential armageddon have to do with everyone's favourite trickster triangle, Bill Cipher?

Could the journal hold the key?
Could the journal hold the key?

Well, back in season 1's Dreamscaperers, Bill ominously had this to say to the Pines family...

"A darkness approaches! A day will come in the future when everything you care about will change..."

This was paired with a flash of 6 fingered hand, which was of course a hint of Stanford's return. Thanks to the journals, we know that Stanford has history with Bill, and Bill terrified Stanford enough to build a bunker in the woods with supplies to last decades. Did he know about Bill's plan for destruction? And why is Bill even in Gravity Falls in the first place?

Stranger in a Strange Land

Bill Cipher is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of Gravity Falls. With an inexplicable vendetta against the Pines family, and full of dark secrets, Bill is sure to cause lots of problems in the future.

Ready to wreck havoc.
Ready to wreck havoc.

Though many fans speculated that the weird occurrences in the town were due to Bill's trickster ways, this was debunked by Stanford's discovery of the inter-dimensional rift. But this does give us an intriguing clue about why Bill Cipher has chosen Gravity Falls as his playground, and where he comes from. Alex Hirsch has also dropped some hints.

Could it be that Bill was drawn to Gravity Falls just as Stanford was, coming to investigate what was going on, and have some fun with the townsfolk? If this is true, this might be why Stanford initially worked with Bill Cipher. Thanks to journal 2, we know that when Stanford first encountered Bill they were on good terms...

"Bill has proven himself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I've ever encountered in my life. What a guy! I honestly can't trust him more. Not evil in any way, Bill is a true gentleman."

This alliance clearly didn't last long, as the journal page has this text struck out, and in red underneath Stanford wrote "CAN'T BE TRUSTED!" Bill probably double crossed Stanford, or maybe Stanford discovered his dark plan for Gravity Falls (which would explain the bunker and why he was so terrified when he asked Grunkle Stan for help). Now that Stanford has returned, Bill may finally put his apocalyptic plan into action!

Oncoming Storm

Beware of Bill
Beware of Bill

At this point it's difficult to tell how things will play out. But the smart money's on Bill using the now destroyed portal to create this cataclysmic event. After all, the journals warn that if the device falls into the wrong hands "our universe is doomed!" Be sure to keep an eye on Dipper too: Alex Hirsch has revealed that now he feels "isolated", and may do something rash that will cause the fate of Gravity Falls to change forever!

So watch this space, and remember, if you think you spot a clue, it will definitely mean something huge later! Next episode, S02E14 The Stanchurian Candidate airs next week on the 24th of August.


What do you think Bill Cipher is planning?


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