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With rumours swirling about the possibility of a Sons of Anarchy prequel series, dubbed First 9, the fervour that the show stirred up throughout its run has been whipped up again, though it does look like we're going to have to wait a while for the prequel...

I knew I didn't want to do anything that was Sons related immediately [after it ended]. I didn't want to come right off of that and do a prequel or anything like that. I wanted to give it a couple years to breathe before we came back to do it. So none of that has gone away. We'll see how the next couple years or at least the next year unfolds and then we'll have to see." -Kurt Sutter

Dammit, don't leave us in suspense like that!

Given that the prequel series would mostly likely deal with the politics and eventual murder of Jax's father, John Teller, a founding member of the club, we can probably expect just as much blood and death and endless nihilism as the original series. Hurrah!

The above video, by YouTuber Rae Redwood, chronicles every significant death in the series, and boy was it hard to watch. There have been a LOT of deaths in the show's seven-season run, from ones that have been a long time coming to those who were entirely unexpected - and heartbreaking. Here we recount the most tragic deaths of Sons of Anarchy.

Donna Winston

Season 1, Episode 12 - The Sleep of Babies

Although she often created friction for Opie and the club, Donna was a good character; a strong mother and a wife, just trying to protect her family, even when that meant facing off against Gemma.

Her death, killed accidentally in place of Opie, nearly broke him and had long reaching repercussions for SAMCRO. The whole thing is made even worse by the fact that Clay tried to stop it at the last moment upon discovering that Opie had been set up, but he was too late.

Dawn Trager

Season 5, Episode 1 - Sovereign

A minor character, Tig's daughter, Dawn only appears in a few episodes, but her death is significant nonetheless.

Is there anything worse for a parent than outliving their child? Tig found out that there was as he watched his daughter burned alive as revenge for the death of Veronica Pope, Damon Pope's daughter, whom he killed accidentally. Listening to Tig, normally an unaffected joker, pleading for her life as she called "Daddy!" still makes this an incredibly difficult scene to watch.

Opie Winston

Season 5, Episode 3 - Laying Pipe

After being unable to ever fully recover from Donna's death Opie finally joined his wife, sacrificing himself to meet Pope's demands that Jax give him a member of the club to kill.

Opie's death is widely reference by fans as one of the most tragic moments of the series, and it earns its title as Jax is forced to watch powerlessly as his best friend is bludgeoned to death with a steel pipe, knowing that his actions have led to this. Opie's death has a significant effect on Jax and effects everything that comes after. And the name of that episode? That's too much.

Tara Knowles

Season 6, Episode 13 - A Mother's Work

After Jax discovers Tara's plan and spares her life, allowing her to leave Charming with the boys, it looks like things might be starting to go well for them. Unfortunately this is Sons of Anarchy, so you know something awful is about to happen.

Tara's death was a triple wammy due to the timing, unexpectedness and the sheer brutality of it. Stabbed in her head with a whilst being drowned in the sink, Tara's death recalls Donna's, as she too is killed for being incorrectly thought of as a rat. Tara's death leads directly to everything that happens in the final season as Jax becomes a changed man set upon bloody revenge.

Bobby Munson

Season 7, Episode 9 - What A Piece of Work Man Is

Another one that hit so hard because it was so unexpected. We thought - and hoped - that after everything Bobby had been through that he would finally be rescued, that maybe he would be there till the end, just as he had been there from the beginning.

No such luck however, as he was killed by Marks as revenge for Jax going after the Chinese. Another death that could've been avoided had Gemma fessed up to killing Tara earlier.


Whose death affected you the most in Sons of Anarchy?


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