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Everybody has something that brings out their inner nerd, whether it's Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and so forth.

A majority of us look up to the characters in these series and feel such an intense presence from them, we feel inspired in every aspect in our lives, even when it comes to naming our children.

Bless you, Obi Wan.
Bless you, Obi Wan.

From Game of Thrones, to famous actors and musicians, below is a list of the hottest girls and boys names that's been trending over the past few years.

1. The Stark Girls from Game of Thrones

It's interesting that parents would rather name their daughters by Daenerys' regal name than her original birth name. Brienne is the newest addition to the popular GOT female names.

2. Ice Princess Names

This comes as no surprise, as parents struggled to purchase sold out Elsa costumes for their little girls who wouldn't stop crying unless they had the proper outfit and tiara. Even the names Kristoff and Olaf became more popular for boys after Frozen was released in 2013.

3. Keeping Up with the Kardashian Names

Kim might be a bit old news, as her sisters' names gained popularity. Especially the name Khloé. Let's hope parents can keep up.

4. The Ladies of Downton Abbey

A majority of these names were most popular at the start of the 20th century, but Downton Abbey brought them back. What gorgeous, classy names.

5. Game of Thrones Boys' Names

After the series first aired in 2011, the number of male names from Game of Thrones began to rise. The most popular two that are battling it out are the names Theon and Tyrion, much like the Greyjoys and the Lannisters in the series.

6. These Male Names Are All Headed in One Direction

Harry is a great name (I'm thinking more because of Harry Potter, but that's just my personal opinion). It seems that the name Zayn is becoming more and more popular, as the number of baby boys with the name nowadays is eight times as many boys with the name as in previously studied years.

7. X-Men's Influence on Baby Boys

Logan is a badass name fit for such a badass little boy. Just make sure to file those nails until he knows how to properly use them.

8. FIFA Boys for Life

Perhaps your kid will become a magical sports prodigy by naming your boys after the FIFA World Cup favorites, like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and Luis.

9. Pop Stars for When We Pop Out Babies

If your baby's crying and waling is any indication of the incredible pipes your kid might grow up to have, then naming your child after the likes of Rita and Drake might be the most fitting way to go for your little one.

10. Hollywood Stars for Your Movie Star Babes

No surprise that names like Channing and Mila have become increasingly popular since films like Step Up and Black Swan were released. But just know your baby is going to ask the mamarazzi and the paparazzi to get those cameras out of his or her face.

Pop and geek culture has more of an influence over us than we'd like to admit, but we can't help but to look at our favorite actors, musicians, or even characters for some inspiration.

Plus, your baby is bound for some greatness with such incredibly powerful names like Benedict, Messi, and Elsa.

[Source: Office for National Statistics]


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