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(Warning - Major SPOILERS for multiple past Daredevil comic-book runs lie below, as well as possible ones for the ongoing Netflix series. Proceed with caution and such...)

Now, there are a whole lot of reasons to love Daredevil, with the blind, billy-club-wielding hero having long-since proven himself to be exactly the sort of flawed, low-powered, realistic character we can readily get behind. Add in years of classic comic-book story-lines, and his recent (and awesome) Netflix series, and you have yourself a pretty darned lovable superhero.

The only slight problem with that?

Daredevil Has a Long History of Basically Being a Villain

Yup, that's right - honest, god-fearing, justice-loving Matt Murdock has, on a whole bunch of occasions, essentially become that which he hates most: a criminal.

Here, then, are five of Matt's least shining moments...

5. He Tried to Shoot The Punisher

Now, in fairness, this one is less a case of Matt becoming a supervillain, and more a case of him sacrificing one of his core principles as a result of The Punisher being kind of a dick.

Even so, though, when The Punisher tied Matt up, and told him that he'd have to shoot him in order to stop him from straight-up vigilante-murdering a notorious gangster...

...Matt struggled with it...

...but he didn't come up with much of an argument to get The Punisher to stop...

...and ultimately took the shot:

Of course, the gun wasn't loaded - but when it comes to opening the floodgates of moral flexibility, there aren't too many better levers than The Punisher forcing you to give up one of your most deeply-held beliefs...

Next up?

4. He Actively Screwed Over the Justice System

Now, there's a pretty solid argument that more-or-less everything Matt Murdock does in a courtroom is massively illegal, seeing as he's constantly using his powers to manipulate events in his favor - something the New York bar isn't typically too fond of.

There was one particular court-case that took that ethical iffiness to a whole new level, however - one in which he represented a wealthy businessman in a suit against...Daredevil.

Yup, that's right - Matt Murdock sued himself, reasoning that he'd have a better chance of getting himself off that way. The worst part? He not only actively screwed over the entire justice system - but at one point he even dragged Peter Parker into things too, by asking him to pretend to be Daredevil when the costumed hero's presence was required in court.

So, just to be clear - not only did Daredevil repeatedly lie to the justice system he loves so much, but he also persuaded an entirely different superhero to perjure himself in order to convince the court.

That, though, mostly just makes him kind of a crappy lawyer - the true descent into pseudo-villainy can arguably be traced back to the time that...

3. He Dropped Bullseye

Now, in fairness, Bullseye is a psychotic and lethal assassin, who had just killed Daredevil's lover Elektra... in many ways, what comes next is actually pretty understandable.

That being said, for a guy who believes in justice over vengeance, DD sure does drop Bullseye to (what should really have been) his death here:

As it turned out, he just ended up in a coma - and eventually returned to cause Daredevil even more grief - but at that precise moment, Matt Murdock was seemingly more than happy to straight up revenge-murder the hell out of Bullseye...

That, though, pales in significance next to that time...

2. He Became the Kingpin

Yup, that's right - after The Kingpin pushed DD a little too far, our hero not only beat the living crap out of him, but he then anointed himself the new Kingpin.

Sure, he didn't actively organize crime in the manner of Wilson Fisk, but he very much did tolerate its existence outside of Hell's Kitchen, and as he began to behave in a distinctly Kingpin-y sort of way, a bunch of his superheroic chums felt the need to step in. Matt, of course, rebuffed them.

After a couple of issues of mild crumminess, though, he of course found his way once again, and teamed up with his pals as a symbolic gesture of his return to heroism.

And then, not all that long after...

1. He Took Over The Hand

That's right - remember The Hand? The red-wearing, evil-doing, mystical forces-wielding ninja clan?

Well, at one point, Daredevil took them over too.

Which went...about as well as you'd imagine, with DD eventually being taken over by the organization's patron demon.

Once that was all over, though? Matt actually learned to stop worrying so much, and became a way more fun guy to be around. It just took rage-murdering a bunch of people to do it...

Maybe someone should see if that works for Doctor Doom, too...

What do you reckon, though?


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