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i know a lot of stuff about animation(movies) and i plan to share them with you
Redstone Armory

This winter, we will be getting a LOT of big movies, and we have the info right here

kicking us off on december 18th is star wars: the force awakens.this awaited sequal has been in the works since 2013, and we can also look forward to two more star wars episodes after, a bobba fett and a han solo stand alone movies.

In january of 2016, the movies are heating up with a return of the clumsy panda, po, in kung fu panda 3. a teaser has been released, with plot details saying that when po finds his father, some rough times are had, and the father sends him to mei mei, a circus female panda, played by rebel wilson.

then, in febuary, we have the anticipated Deadpool movie! ryan reynolds will return to the role of a super hero after the green lantern in 2011, and the worlds fastest snail, turbo, in 2013.

and finally, the rumored late febuary releese date, the world of warcraft finally hits the big screen. the favored game will get a movie eventually, but the febuary releese is subject to change.

we hope you enjoyed this winter movie list,and we'll see you next time!


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