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ABC Family's Shadowhunters, the brilliantly badass new television series set to premiere on the network in early 2016, has been dropping stills, behind the scenes cast videos and more for weeks now. This week follows suit, with the official website filled to capacity with even MORE badass Shadowhunters info, including a very cool BTS pic of Magnus Bane. (see below)

Oooo Cat Eyesss!
Oooo Cat Eyesss!

But this time... well this time is a little different.

This isn't just any old mundane (see what I did there?) look at the new show. For the first time we have our first actual look at the cast on screen, and in action! Of course, before they get to the screen, our beloved cast spend a hell of a lot of time in the gym, training, and bulking up with none other than Sophie McNamara (that's Kat's dog, for all you Mundanes out there) leading the intense sessions!

Weight lifting is a must for Shadowhunters in training, and Mundane Simon isn't to be left out. Actor Alberto Rosende, who plays Clary's BFF on the show, has been hitting the gym HARD lately, and it's definitely paying off!

Of course, not to be outdone by a Mundane, Dom Sherwood, who plays Jace in the upcoming show, wanted to prove his ability to lift and SLAY in the gym. Of course, Jace being Jace, he's had a little assistance from the always adorable pup, Sophie.

Awww! Like any good personal trainer, Sophie always make sure her 'clients' have a good break, whether it be for a chat, or a picture, a well-earned break is definitely a must!

Matthew Daddario, otherwise known as Shadowhunting hottie Alec Lightwood, also proved himself a worthy adversary. Almost knocking Alberto Rosende out of the imaginary running for the one true badass award, with one single video.

Well, DAMN! Go Alec!

And now for Jace's First Look Footage!

See Jace (Dom Sherwood) in action, kicking ass and taking names later!



Don't all fangirl at once! ;)

Parabatai: Closer than siblings, would lay down their lives for one another. I have ALL the feeeeeels!

I personally am SUPER excited for this show - there's a lot of hype for this, and the fanbase is HUGE! The casting alone seems perfect, and it's obvious the cast are dedicated to not only their roles, but the fans too. And hey, let's be honest, loving the fans is always a plus! Here's to hoping the show lives up, or surpasses our expectations!


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