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Ok, so yes, It wasn't an amazing movie, but it definitely didn't deserve all the crap thrown at it that it got. To look at it honestly, you have to not compare it to the original movie as much, as they are separate entities. That would be like comparing Ben Affleck's Daredevil to Charlie Cox's. It just doesn't work, as they are both standalone varieties of the same general character. Same for F4. They are different, and need to be evaluated separately. There was a bunch of stuff that the 2015 movie did well, that counteracts some of what was so bad about it.

  • There was much better character development on an individual level. One thing they did well was give you a reason to care about these characters for more than the fact that they were just the main characters. They established Ben with a history of abuse from his brother. Johnny had a dangerous street racing habit. Sue was a little bitchy, but it can be forgiven because of how she maturely had to handle everything around her, and behave like a grown-up when everyone else wasn't. And reed, he was my favorite. In the original movie, they made reed way too unreal and unrelatable. Have you ever just felt so smart that people can't understand you? I haven't. But I can relate to a character who wants to just make a difference through their work, and I'm definitely on-board with someone who is trying to just be smart, but comes off as an ass because of it.
  • Relationships between characters was better. You got an in-depth look into the way Ben and Reed grew up, and were friends. It wasn't just expected that you understood this. And from how it was presented here, it allowed us to sympathize a lot more as Ben and Reed had difficulties throughout the plot, after Reed abandoned them all after they gained their abilities. Now I know that that relationship building was great, which made it a shame that Reed and Sue's relationship wasn't as strongly explored, but They had to make decisions, and while that could easily be solved in a sequel, relationships like ben-reed, and sue-johhny (another great one they handled well), had to be done correctly, right out the gate.
  • Higher stakes!!!! They made this movie much more serious than the last one. I liked this a lot more, because a serious tone leads to viewers on the edge of their seats. I mean, do you care more about some low stakes crazy guy doing a little damage, or a crazy OP megalomaniac about to suck the entire planet into an inter-dimensional portal that will destroy Earth? I know which I care more about. It was kinda laughable how OP Dr. Doom was, but I definitely like Toby Kebbell's Doom more than the Julian McMahon portrayal, that while was fine with the overall feel of the 2005 movie, wouldn't match the 2015 one. Julian McMahon's Doom reminded me of a whiny kid that was upset over the changes from cosmic radiation, and decided to throw a temper tantrum in NYC.
Ironic that a DC character phrases it best... lol
Ironic that a DC character phrases it best... lol

Just to name a few reasons to not hate. Also, Ben's CGI rock body was a lot better than the crap they gave us in 2005, which was again, fine for a campy F4 movie, but in a serious movie, the look of Ben was a whole better.

Don't get me wrong though, the 2015 movie had a whole bunch of flaws that I'm not trying to explain away, but rather present another perspective that allows people to acknowledge that it wasn't the overall shit-storm that media is portraying it to be. It did a lot wrong. But it also did a lot right, and I have to say, I loved the casting. I originally watched it just for Miles Teller's Reed Richards, but knew immediately that I loved the rest of the casting too, from Mara and Jordan's Storm siblings, all the way to Kebbell's Doom. Plus a special mention for the amazing job that Jamie bell did as Ben Grimm, portraying the spiral in his friendship with Reed, and the pain he was in from the transformation until the end when he became friends with Reed again.

Thanks for reading, comment what you think, and if you agree that This movie wasn't all bad

No Miles, you're awesome.
No Miles, you're awesome.


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