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Where do i start?

Scott: What's up with him? He looks even worse than the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spiderman 2. He isn't a true Alpha. Sure he can't bite Hayden, because a werewolf shouldn't bite humans. But what if it was Allison? Don't u think he would've done it? Bad Alpha decision there. What are they trying to do? Only in episode 1 he showed us that he was an Alpha. Now he seems to be an Omega trying to be in Theo's pack. Just saying. He is messed up. I hope in season 5B he will go back to being who he is. Who he became to be. A true Alpha. Him and Stiles breaking up? Not so bad. This is something that they can change whenever they want. He can show Scott the bite of Donovan, but maybe he won't.

Stiles: Theo and Stiles had a good conversation. Then Stiles and Scott break up.

Malia: She seems to hate dead bodies. She also seems to be a badass, but tonight she was more a failiure.

Lydia: She tries to help Parrish. Also shows that she is getting better as a fighter.

Liam: He told Scott that he can't protect anyone. Scott protected Liam everytime. Without Scott he would've been dead. Scott even saved his ass tonight. Sure he can be mad. But i guess he is trying to be more badass now, and i don't like it.

Theo: He is a great liar. But he also is a great villain. Sure Theo might be a long experiment of the Dread Doctors. But how did he end up being there little bitch? I like him a lot. But yeah he doesn't seems to become good soon.

Brett: Where are u now?


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