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Evan Peters. Jessica Lange. Taissa Farmiga. Lily Rabe. Sarah Paulson. Angela Bassett. Dylan McDermot.

I want to high-five and bake a cake for the casting directors of the American Horror Story series. They choose their actors with such expertise and precision, I am often left with my mouth open in awe that an ensemble could be so ridiculously talented. I am honestly in love with the entire cast.

They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me feel frightened. Their depth and ability to encompass so many different types of emotions at once keeps me glued to the screen from season to season.

One of my favorites is Zachary Quinto, who appeared as Chad Wardwick in Murder House and as the eerie serial killer Dr. Thredson in Asylum. Not surprisingly, he even won a Critics Choice award and an Emmy nomination for his role as Dr. Thredson.

Sadly, Quinto will not grace us with his handsome features and his intensely phenomenal acting skills, as he is too goddam busy (not a good excuse in my book).

Okay! It's a very valid excuse. I could just use more Quinto in my life.

That smolder though.
That smolder though.

While promoting Hitman: Agent 47, Quinto said this to MTV News:

“I haven’t heard from Ryan in a long time. I hope he’s doing well. I’m certainly happy for his continued success with that franchise and with ’American Crime Story,’ which seems like it’s going to be very cool. I haven’t had any conversations about going back to ’American Horror Story’ and I’m focused on a lot of other things right now, so I think the timing probably wouldn’t work out at this point.”

Well, I suppose there is always next season, right? I can be a little patient I suppose.

And Quinto is more or less on the same page as us all:

"I’m excited to see it. It looks pretty cool, this season.”

What a classy gent. All I can say is that October 7th can't come soon enough!

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