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As an avid horror fan, it takes quite a lot to freak me out, but these terrifying synthetic patients straight from the uncanny valley had me cringing like I was watching The Human Centipede with my eyes glued open.

Although these bizarre cadavers were created to educate aspiring doctors, when taken out of context there is no denying that their disjointed twitches and grimaces are deeply unsettling...

Not to mention this 'dudes' face as he screams in terror and flails his bloody stump around.

And, if you've ever wanted to practice your butchery skills, you'll be pleased to know that you can whip the skin straight off for a nice macabre poke around in the sinewy synthetic muscles.

The bodies are made up from 85 percent water along with a variety of fibres, salts and organic compounds, just like the human body, so these corpses feel as much like the real thing as science currently allows.

The synthetic patients also contain a full system of organs and have the ability to breath, bleed and even dilate their pupils to synthesize a real person with a traumatic injury.

Hats off to the people that have to work the night shift as security guards in this factory, if anything triggered one of these zombie robots in the dark, I would legitimately soil myself.

(Source: SynDaver)


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