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Female villains are ruthless creatures, going out of their way to obliterate you using weapons ranging from anything from intelligence and sharp wit to reptilian-tongues and horrifying mutant abilities. Yet, while they might gouge your eyeballs out and leave you for dead, it's the fact that they do so while looking unbelievably hot that's so punishing.

Indeed, the following 15 dangerous women are some of the sexiest femme fatales in movie history. And though they scare us to death, admittedly they also get us very hot under the collar...

1. Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

First up is naturally Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Ruling the '90s with her rampant sexuality and carefree attitude to underwear, the villainous Catherine Tramell is perhaps one of the sexiest murdering seductresses out there.

2. Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses

When Jennifer stepped out as a hot brunette and a sex-obsessed dentist, our good girl image of her as Rachel from Friends flew out of our minds once and for all. She may be out of her mind, but is also undeniably sexy when she's uttering inexplicably dirty things, parading around half-naked and eating phallic-shaped foods. It's all very, very bad indeed, but my god, it's glorious!

Check out this ingeniously-created compilation of her sexy scenes from Horrible Bosses:

3. Natasha Henstringe in Species

Many would deem it impossible to make a story about an alien woman stopping at nothing to procreate seem sexy. But by casting blonde bombshell Natasha Henstridge in the role, the producers did it.

This sexy siren makes anything and everything look good - including the scene when she sticks her tongue so far down someone's throat that it goes through the back of their head:

4. Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns

Move over Anna Hathaway and Halle Berry because this kitty cat is where it's at.

Pfeffeir's modern-day Catwoman is essentially the epitome of feline fatale - from her figure-hugging leather cat suit, the dominatrix whip, and that sultry purring voice, all the way down to that moment when she's literally lying on top of Batman. Meow!

5. Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn

Strippers turned vampires? Yes please.

Salma Hayek's Satanico Pandemonium is possibly the hottest combination ever created, so it unsurprising that her iconic snake dance still gets hearts racing:

6. Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

A cheerleader turned succubus with an insatiable appetite for man flesh is always going to be a winner. Especially when she looks bangin' like Megan Fox, goes skinny dipping, licks fire, and makes out with her equally-as-hot best friend (Amanda Seyfried), like here for example:

7. Demi Moore in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Former angel Madison Lee is not only stunning, but she's all mega bad. A perfect combination that hits the jackpot when Moore makes an entrance in that jaw-dropping bikini. Just check out the slo-mo beach running scene and prepare to do a double-take because she's 40 years old in this scene. Yes, really.

8. Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

Despite playing all-out crazy bitch Amy in the David Fincher adaptation, there is undoubtedly something very sexy about how the character manipulates her husband almost to insanity. Plus this sex scene with Neil Patrick Harris starts off really well...

9. Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled

We'd probably be terrified if we came head-to-head with Satan, but as soon as Liz Hurley steps in as a shape shifting lady devil in Bedazzled, we are strangely... turned on?

Throughout the comedy remake, Liz struts about in a myriad of seductive outfits that would cater to your every fetish - and I bet you'd gladly go to hell for that. Here's the trailer:

10. Sharon Stone in Total Recall

Oh yes, Sharon does it again - looking all sweaty and sexy while being the baddest bitch in town.

Watch her kick the shit out of Arnie while wearing a hot pink bandeaux bra in the clip below:

11. Darryl Hannah in Kill Bill Vol. 1

Amongst a range of sexy ladies in the Kill Bill volumes, in my opinion, blonde assassin Elle Drive takes the cake. Partly because she possesses the ability to be the most unlikable, but also the most fashionable in that cute nurse's uniform.

Plus, can you name any other character that can make an eyepatch seem seductive?

12. January Jones in X-Men: First Class

January's character, Emma Frost, is dangerous. She wields the power of mind control, astral projection and can even induce mental pain just by touching someone. And let's not forget to mention that while she's parading around wearing next to nothing, she also has diamonds at her finger tips, deeming her essentially indestructible:

13. Svetlana Khodchenkova in Wolverine

The Russian model oozes sex as a Viper ready to strike with her reptilian-tongue and mutant abilities. She's deadly, as are her curves in those tight-fitting costumes. Check her out doing her thing here:

14. Famke Janssen in GoldenEye

No sexy villain list would be complete without at least one entry from one of the Bond films. Dutch actress Janssen plays Xenia Onatopp, a former pilot who comes head-to-head with 007 himself.

Let's not kid ourselves, there is something very seductive about her sexually psychotic nature, especially the fact that she derives pleasure from crushing her male victims with her thighs!

15. Devon Aoki in Sin City

Female assassin Miho is the ultimate femme fatale - she's overwhelmingly sexy, deliciously sadistic and a mysterious mute. The Japanese vixen won't stop at anything until she gets what she wants, unleashing her wrath on anyone that crosses her path with a deadly katana. All while donning a pair of roller skates and numerous revealing kimonos obvs.

It doesn't get much better than this.



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