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Orphan Black season 4 is set to deliver all the shocking twists we've come to expect from the show, promising new romances and a return from old enemy Neolution, as well as a potential plot reset. With unanswered questions in abundance after the season 3 finale, the Orphan Black writers have their work cut out for them. But if recent interviews are anything to go by, they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

"We’re just starting the writers room, so we’re breaking the season, excited about it. Trying to get back to the essence of real, big character surprise in season 4."

Although season 3 only just ended, there's already lots of news about where Orphan Black is going next, so let's have a look at what we can expect from the scifi thriller.

New Love For Sarah

Moving on from Cal?
Moving on from Cal?

Sarah's not had an easy time of it in the last few years. Impersonating her own clone has lead to a web of conspiracy that she never expected, and she's had a lot of tough decisions to face. Now, with Paul dead and Cal taking care of Kira in Iceland, could she finally get some time to herself? Well, not if executive producer Graeme Manson is to be believed.

It's difficult to see how this would work: Sarah is in a very complex situation emotionally. Although she and Paul had far from the perfect relationship, she did care for him in a way, and his death must still be affecting her. Sarah also clearly has feelings for Cal, and giving up a life of playing happy families with him and Kira must have been very difficult for her. Logistically too, it doesn't make much sense. If Sarah started a new relationship with someone who wasn't aware of the situation with her clones, she'd have to hide her identity.

A new romantic opportunity would certainly be interesting, but perhaps one of the other characters should be the one to embark on a love adventure. Felix is certainly overdue for a side plot, and with Jesse's return in season 3's finale, Helena might actually get her chance at happiness in season 4. This would be a welcome change from her usual plot of being held captive and used against her will, a common theme for Helena in the last 3 seasons.

Happy ending for Helena?
Happy ending for Helena?

Cosima and Shay's relationship is also set for some interesting developments next season. John Fawcett, co-creator of Orphan Black, gave some tantalising hints.

"Shay is a bit of a slow burn for us and we’ve got some interesting plans for the character. We have plans for where that relationship [with Cosima] will go. I personally feel connected to them as couple. I like it, it’s fun, and it’s new."

But we should watch out for further entanglements, as Delphine's murder hasn't been solved... if indeed she was murdered at all.

Delphine: Dead or Alive?

Most fans assumed it was curtains for Delphine when she was shot in the finale. But it's never really that simple in Orphan Black, is it?

Playing the Dyad game.
Playing the Dyad game.

Delphine's appearance in season 4 hasn't yet been confirmed, but as we didn't see her die then it's certainly possible she might come back. After all, Helena was shot at the end of season 1 and she's had plenty of adventures since then. The writers aren't saying anything one way or another, but while they assured us Paul was dead dead, Delphine might be a different story.

"It’s ‘Orphan Black’ dead. I think that’s what we’re calling it these days."

After revealing her ruthless side in season 3, Delphine has been one of Orphan Black's most interesting characters, going from Dr Leekie's hapless spy, to fierce protector of Cosima, to a rising power in Dyad. It would be fantastic to see where her development takes her in season 4, discovering her true motivations and how she reacts to being victimised.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that she'll return, but there are plenty of other characters we'd like to see back in the show.

Yet More Twists and Turns

What's behind that smile?
What's behind that smile?

Like the intriguing Marian, and confident trans clone Tony: they seemed to have a lot of potential, and with character reveals promised for season 4, let's hope we get to see more of them too. Not to mention new clone Krystal, who the writers say they're itching to develop further.

It will be some time before we discover exactly what the writers have in store for us in Orphan Black season 4, but until then watch this space: we'll have all the latest news so you can keep up with the Clone Club.


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