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D23 is the perfect place to let out your inner Disney nerd. From panels to musical numbers, don't be surprised to find some of the best Disney cosplay ever seen.

I am personally incredibly obsessed with this Beauty and the Beast/Star Wars crossover. I wish I was just as creative as the following star cosplayers.

1. I Put a Spell on You

[Source: GeekNewsNetwork]

And now you're mine! The Sanderson sisters look like they haven't aged a bit. I wonder what their secret is?

2. Hans and Elsa Are Letting It Go

[Source: RayCisco]

These outfits are giving me chills, in the best way possible. What a stunning couple.

3. Mim and Merlin

[Source: Geoff Ong]

Grace and Ron Forman are pure magic in these phenomenally enchanting costumes. Grace's wig couldn't be any more perfect.

4. She's Where the People Are

[Source: Myrna Litt]

Can we just talk about how adorable Tracie Cotta is? I have always wanted to be a mermaid myself.

5. Mickey and Friends Feeling the Force

[Source: Davann]

Just when you though Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy were cute enough, Abby Tamayo, Lori Testa, Laura Tanaka, and Petah Valdivia Jr. bring out their inner Jedi's, making our classic Disney characters cute and badass.

6. Little Bo Peep

[Source: Davann]

Woody's girl is looking adorable in her polka dotted dress. Her sheep are looking fluffier than ever, I might add.

7. Deadpool Jedis

[Source: Sean Doorly]

Slightly unhinged and full of the force, you do NOT want to mess with this Star Wars/Deadpool mashup.

8. Snow White Ain't Afraid to Use Her Bow and Arrow

[Source: Sean Doorly]

This tough chick is making it clear that she doesn't have the time to wait for her Prince to come.

9. Jungle Cruising

[Source: Davann]

Michael Gall and Jake Houlihan know the ins and outs of the Jungle Cruise. The map is referred to only as backup.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

[Source: Davann]

Star-Lord always knows exactly what the Collector is looking to add to his already vast collection.

11. Clap if You Like This Steampunk Fairy

[Source: Davann]

Cosplayer Madeline Masquerade may look sweet in her outfit, but the steampunk details give her a bit of an edge.

12. Getting Kronk with It

[Source: Davann]

If you haven't tried his spinach puffs already, I can tell you you're missing out.

13. Ballerina Mulan and Esmeralda

[Source: Davann]

Pinklunatik and Francheezy24_7 are beyond beautiful in their tutus. Did you know they actually know how to dance point?

14. Chim Chim Cher-ee

[Source: Myrna Litt]

Looks like Mary and Bert are covered in soot. I'm sure Mary can pull out an entire shower out of that magical bag of hers.

15. Some Day My Jedi Will Come

[Source: Myrna Litt]

I instantly imagine these characters from the Disney classic called Snow White and the Seven Ewoks.

16. I Don't Give a Darkwing Duck

[Source: SarahMertan]

A mere parent by day, but a superhero by night.

17. Tale as Old as a Galaxy Far, Far Away

[Source: Davann]

Words cannot describe how adorable and perfect this cosplay mashup is. The devil is in the details, and I am all about that C-3PO/Lumière candlestick as well as that R2-D2 clutch. I can practically hear Chewie's roar through the computer screen.

Disney has been such a huge influence in our childhood, it would be impossible to keep it from creeping into our adulthood.

Besides, you'd be lying if you said you never wanted to dress up like a Princess or a Jedi. And who says doing it as an adult is too late?

[Source: Dorkly]


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