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Well, The Walking Dead fifth season DVD and Blu-ray sets are going to be released on August 25th, and in addition to the 16 episodes from the season, we've got over 3 hours of extras including a ton of featurettes. There are also quite a few deleted scenes and commentary tracks that we extrapolated on to try to figure out, perhaps, what is to come with Season 6.

Deleted Scenes

A while back, I shared a clip that was left out of the official show, which featured Rick and Michonne walking along the wall and discussing what they were going to do about their missing guns.

Well, there's much more as well...

We find out much more about Grady Memorial Hospital; specifically, police officers Bob Lamson and Amanda Shepherd go for a ride and Dawn has to decide what to do with an elderly patient at the hospital who doesn't want to be treated for a broken hip. Beth eventually persuades Dawn to help the man instead of doing something more drastic.

Also, in a cut montage from the 'Remember' episode, we see the new Alexandria arrivals heading off to their first day of work. Abraham goes to work on the wall, Rosita assists Pete the sketchy doctor, Maggie meets with Deanna, and Eugene starts at the solar panels. I'm not exactly sure, besides maybe time concerns, why this scene was cut from the show.

In another deleted scene from 'Spend,' Abraham tells Rosita:

I’m having a real hard time pulling it together. I don’t know what the hell that’s about. All I know is I can’t picture stepping out behind those walls without my stomach dropping down and my nuts shooting up.

Rosita then tries to cheer him up, talking about all the lives he's saved:

This place needs you, and you need this place. And the fight’s outside.

Abraham is then a little randy and gets Rosita back in bed for sex, saying:

Work is a greedy whore and it can wait its turn.

Also from 'Spend, there's a cool scene with Glenn and Eugene in the van after Glenn punches out Nicholas. Glenn says, threateningly:

If he wakes up... if he tries anything... I will not hesitate. I promise you that.

Commentary Tracks

These are just some fun little tidbits from the show.

In the premiere scene where Gareth holds a knife up to Bob's eye, actor Andrew J. West actually was just holding a Q-tip and the knife was put in later in special effects. I always wonder how they do this kind of stuff with safety obviously being of the utmost concern.

Also, they have to keep changing babies playing Judith because the kids keep getting too big as the story progresses and filming time and real-time don't correlate perfectly. They've used about six sets of twins so far going into Season 6 as Rick's daughter.

Originally, in the season premiere, Rick stabbed that guy Glenn let out of the train car at Terminus, but they left it out.

Executive producer Greg Nicotero mentions that someone broke into Terminus and stole all the candles after Season 4, so they had to redo the whole set for the Season 5 premiere where Carol shoots Mary.

In the scene in the premiere where Martin puts his hands around Judith and threatens to break the baby's neck, those were actually (gladly) the hands of the baby actress' father.

The commentary for "Self-Help" by Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, Alanna Masterson, and Christian Serratos is super funny. The sex scene between Rosita and Abraham sparks some pretty funny words. "Can I leave the room? Oh, God," says Serratos when the scene comes on. "Yeah, look at me go!" replies Cudlitz. Serratos apparently actually asked McDermitt and Masterson to be there during the filming of the scene but it was a closed set. Ha!

In 'Them,' Norman Reedus accidentally rips a zombie's wig off, so they had to make it the whole scalp in post-production to cover it up! Also, in the same episode, when Reedus burns himself with a cigarette, the script actually originally called for him cutting himself with a knife. Reedus asked to change it to a cigarette, so that it wouldn't seem like when he's crying its only because of physical pain. He wanted it to feel like emotional pain, solely, so he got the producers to change it.

If you take a close look at the 'Remember' episode, there's a tribute from Nicotero to Nick Frost's character in Shaun of the Dead. The zombie is wearing a "I got wood" T-Shirt that Nick wore in the film.

There was a scene in 'Remember' that didn't make the final cut where Rick brings two car light bulbs back to Jessie as a gift after knocking over her owl statue.

There was originally another scene in 'Remember after Rick's "Then we'll just take this place" line that got cut.

Many of the night scenes in the finale were done in the freezing cold It was about 12 degrees. The previous coldest night had been the barn-on-fire scene that ended Season 2, and it was even colder than that.

On that same night for the finale, Nicotero says they put vodka in the zombie blood that explodes all over Andrew Lincoln so that it wouldn't freeze.

"Your story doesn't start until next season." Gimple states this to Austin Nichols who plays Deanna's son Spencer. Maybe this means we'll be seeing more Spencer in Season 6? Could be very cool. What do we have? Just a couple months, right? Not bad.

'The Walking Dead' returns October 11 on AMC. Need more TWD in your life? Follow our Pinterest board!

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