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*MAJOR SPOILERS for Season 4*

Find out what to expect from Season 5 of Grimm right here! Do you think that Nick is heading towards a dark place?

Filming is now underway for season 5 of Grimm and fans are still reeling from May's finale shocker. In case you've forgotten (or are hunting for spoilers), season 4 left us with Adalind pregnant with Nick's child, Kelly Burkhardt (Nick's mother) killed and beheaded by the Verrat and a hexenbiest-Juliette shot dead by Trubel following her part in Kelly's death.

Wait, what?

Yep, David Greenwalt has confirmed that Juliette is well and truly dead, prompting mixed reactions from fans. Despite her ups and downs as a character I think we had all assumed Nick's long-time flame would eventually become his wife and, after all they'd been through together, that they might finally be able to have a happy ending.

No such luck, as Juliette was turned into a hexenbiest by the same ritual that stripped Nick's powers. Her path for vengeance against Adalind for this and for the pregnancy ultimately ended in her death. This, coupled with the fact that Nick has just lost his mother too, will send Nick down a path darker than any we have seen before, and could change the whole tone of the show from hereon out.

Rosalee's addictions.

Bree Turner has confirmed that her character Rosalee's past addictions to 'Jay' (a Wesen drug) are going to crop up again, and this in turn will threaten her relationship with Monroe.

Whilst this is an undeniably dark turn for her character to take, it's also a great flaw for her to have; a really human aspect to a (literally) inhuman character. How this is going to effect her marriage is something that we're going to see a lot of in season 5, so it's not just Nick who is going to be bringing the angst next time.

Adalind and Nick's baby.

Most awkward delivery ever.
Most awkward delivery ever.

One of the major reveals of season 4 was that Adalind had become pregnant with Nick's child following their encounter in season 3 whilst she was disguised as Juliette. This was unexpected for both parties, so I guess that teaches us that when you're a hexenbiest sleeping with a Grimm in the guise of his girlfriend in order to complete a ritual to strip him of his powers, you really should use contraception.

Fans have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Adalind, she's a manipulative, scheming, murderous demon, but there's something about her that makes us root for her, just a little bit. Now her daughter, Diana, is with the Resistance (unbeknownst to her), Adalind has to focus on delivering and keeping her second child safe, fathered by a man who she's tried to kill several times (and vice-versa).

This will be the second special child that Adalind has bourne, but will it be hexenbiest or Grimm? And will Nick play Daddy to a half-Wesen child so soon after Juliette's death?

But, thankfully, the news is not all doom and gloom...

There's going to be more Sergant Wu! Wooh!

"I find myself bringing some smarts to the team and some technical skills. Also, I have more outfits this season."

Yes finally, Reggie Lee has confirmed that his character, the affable Sergant Wu, will be making more of an appearance in the Grimm team this season. How exactly he's going to fit in amongst all the angst remains to be seen, so he could provide us with some well needed comic relief in season 5.


What do you want to see more of in season 5 of Grimm?


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