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The first trailer for the new iteration of Victor Frankenstein has hit the web and sees James McAvoy (X-Men Apocalypse) take on the iconic role with Daniel Radcliffe (Horns) starring as his assistant Igor.

What shocked me about this trailer is how action packed it is, I wasn't expecting such a CG heavy action flick. This is the classic story of Frankenstein's monster, a creature created by a mad scientist. From the very beginning of the trailer I got a Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes vibe. The dynamic between McAvoy and Radcliffe is very similar to Downey Jr and Law in that series.

McAvoy never ceases to impress me, whether it be in small indies such as The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby or Filth or his more expensive summer blockbusters such as X-Men Days Of Future Past, he's a very dynamic actor and has a wonderful range. Daniel Radcliffe however has yet to show me that he can do much outside the realm of Potter. I found him to be a bit lifeless in both The Woman In Black and Horns, it might have been that both of those films were just terrible, but I didn't find anything appealing about his performances in them either.

I like the trailer for Victor Frankenstein, it looks like a fun adventure and I'm always eager to see what McAvoy has to offer. The film is directed by Paul McGuigan best known for Push and a few episodes of BBC's Sherlock and is written by Chronicle scribe Max Landis whose new film American Ultra hits US theaters this Friday.

An alternate UK version of the trailer also made the rounds which is surprisingly a lot different.

Victor Frankenstein hits cinemas November 25th 2015.

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