ByEmmeleia Ladikou, writer at
Emmeleia Ladikou

So..! I was wondering, what happen to the heroes after the end of the movie or book... Specifically when the characters are young... How they grow? They live? They died? The heroes stay together? They met someone new? We don't know!!!!
And I think that's the point... We have to NOT know what happen so we must create stories on our own!!
When I was kid (now I'm teen there's difference!) I thought the perfect ending is the one who all are happy.. but now, I'm just not sure... I mean, there's not always a happy end.. well not in real life.
When you read a book or you watch a movie you probably think and feel like the hero, and when the story ends you can pretend for a little bit that the hero it's really you! and when the clock hits midnight you'll finally can have your happy ending! But you know that's not true.. You know that the fairy godmother doesn't exist and even if you believe with all your force she not going to make any miracle..!
Then you go to your sofa with a cold beer at your hand and a book at the other and start living your fairy-tale.. But after the happy end you must decide how the story ends!
And the end would be in your real life!


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