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All credit goes to Heroic Hollywood for this news scoops and what i'm about to post is spoiler heavy so if you don't want to know leave now.


Seriously this is your last chance. No? Alright



You know who he kidnaps in the movie?

Take a wild guess?

Give up?


Superman's mom yo!

Remember in Man Of Steel when General Zod and his crew went to Smallville to look for the codex on the Kent farm? Remember how Superman blew his stack, pummeled Zod through the grass and said,

“You think you can threaten my mother!”

A 7-11 & most of downtown Smallville were destroyed in the battle. Only because Zod "threatened" Martha Kent. So imagine what is going to happen to Lex Luthor for actually kidnapping her? I won't spoil when, how, or what comes of it (come on now, some spoilers are better left unsaid), but I expect Superman to be um, mad. Really REALLY mad.

Well how you like it? Please be considerate to people who don't want to know the spoiler OK.

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