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You have just landed on a wild, treacherous planet and have to fight for survival. Fear not! K'Tharsis, a wild, dangerous resource colony is far away from civilization and there’s a constant struggle for existence. Runaway slaves and the original natives are always thirsty for blood. They will fight the humans and aliens who live safely behind the walls of the settlement. But, you are Jack Sharp, a daring adventurer.

And you know the tricks:

1) Keep your revolver ready.

Always! Locals see kindness as weakness and natives aren't impressed by bubble gum. No one is, really. And if you have to shoot, just do it.

You will benefit from cybernetic augmentations and hoverbikes but don't you ever forget your revolver - you need it to survive.

2) Focus. And improve your skills.

If you do, you could become a 'Jack-of-all-trades' using the entire array of weapons and gadgets available.

3) Listen. Carefully.

Non-player characters have clues for you to find new and more profitable ways to solve quests. Play your cards right, and they might even warn you about upcoming assassination attempts.

The inhabitants of K'Tharsis have their own background, motives, problems, quirks, and their own story to tell - keep your friends close but your enemies closer! Wait, you won’t have friends.

4) Get sleep, food and water.

Not having enough of either will affect your physical and mental condition! So make sure you roast plenty of bitebugs and juicy hornhog steaks to keep yourself healthy and ready to take on any bandits that may come your way!

5) Unlock special skills and upgrades.

Luckily, you can already unlock some very special skills on Kickstarter ( They will not only increase the information you can gather, they will also give you new options on solving quests.

6) Try not to worry.

Worrying too much may cause focus loss.

Little by little, K´Tharsis will reveal itself to you as you make your way through the locations and quests.

Just remember: Your actions influence the game and that, in turn, influences your environment. Through your decisions, entire towns could be wiped off of the map, or they could reveal new paths and new opportunities. The planet changes with you throughout the game, enabling follow up missions in recently explored areas.

After three years of development, the international team behind Alersteam is almost ready to release “Exoplanet: First Contact” to the world. Exoplanet: First Contact is a single player, story driven, action RPG, where protagonist Jack Sharp finds himself stranded on remote mining planet K’Tharsis. Through the story mode, Jack has to fight for survival, relying on his ever improving skills to make the right call at a moment’s notice.

The team behind Exoplanet took their inspiration from classic games such as Fallout, TESIII Morrowind, Gothic, and the Firefly TV-series. Combining all of these, they defined Exoplanet as a space western universe, where the protagonist benefits from cybernetic augmentations and hoverbikes, but is still very reliant on his ever-trusty revolver.

By developing their own game technology called the Sahara Engine, Alersteam strives to tap into their community talents in a significant way. The engine will enable players to generate their own adventures, adding features and even creating an entirely new game - as a result, bringing a unique experience to each player.

You can support Exoplanet on Kickstarter.


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