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So its no secret that when I first heard about Batman v. Superman I wasn't really all that pumped and scratching my head at it, especially since this is a kind of sort of sequel to Man of Steel, which I wasn't a huge fan of mostly because of how bloated and overly complex it was and also the overall tone wasn't that great. As you can image my weariness of this movie rose after finding out AFFLAC! was going to be Batman. While I thought the comic con trailer was good and way better than the original teaser, these are my top 5 reasons why I'm still not 100% sold on this movie.


I am not a huge fan of Ben Affleck and personally I haven't seen a movie with him in that I liked. I thought his movie The Town was stupid, mostly because of the plot, and the last time this man played a superhero we go that godawful Daredevil movie where the only thing good in it was Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin and he couldn't carry the film for me but I know he was trying his hardest. Also and this really isn't Ben's fault, I'm not a big fan of the new suit (not the armored suit with the iron man like glowing eyes that one is cool), it looks cool when in the dark but when they showed him in it in a generally lit environment it doesn't look that good. Also the short ears to me make it look like a cheap Halloween costume the long ears look more fierce and imposing and give a better profile, in my humble opinion. Also I'm still not sure how Affleck will be as Bruce Wayne.


A lot of people felt that Man of Steel was too dark and brooding and I have to agree because the movie was so drab and dour that I forgot I was watching a super hero film. And yes I'm aware that superhero movies can have dark moments and are not always supposed to be fun, but when a film is too dark and drab with the tone, it makes the movie no fun at all, which defeats the whole purpose as to why I go to the movies, I go to be entertained and have fun, especially these big superhero blockbuster style movies and so far the tone of this movie going off the two trailers is more of the same tone I got from Man of Steel, seriously I might need an anti-depressant to get through this thing.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say this film's going to be going on three hours, there's too much going on in this film for them to sum it all up beneath that run time, it might be even longer than Man of Steel and that movie took too long to get to the good parts. Seriously the pacing on Man of Steel was atrocious I was starting to zone out and the only thing that me back was that fight in smallville, then I was like, "Finally we get some action in this damn movie!" I felt like it spent way too much time in the exposition department that the only thing I said when we reached the climax was "F***** finally!" I was just glad we were close to the end and was hoping to get a satisfying action sequence. I'm worried this film is going to drag itself across the ground for nearly two hours and then throw in this over-the-top climax that took too long to reach and the audience has stopped caring or never did because I was apathetic towards Man of Steel it was to care about anything.


This is how a fight between Batman and Superman would go down, Batman comes out with a bunch of martial arts, kicks, and punches, and Superman just stands there and takes it, waits for him to be tired out, and then plucks him into a building and kills him. The point is, Superman would kill Batman in an outright fight, therefore the question is, how is this fight going to be entertaining and not one sided? Is Superman suddenly going to be nerfed just so Batman stands a better chance? I hear there are rumors that Bruce's battle suit is laced with kryptonite, but Superman could still kill batman before the kryptonite weakens him enough. My point is, is this fight going to be interesting because superman is so powerful and Batman, although a total bad ass, is still mortal. Even if his suit is made from the alloy the kryptonian ships are, Superman plowed through those too without much of a hassle and besides I'm pretty sure Batman hasn't reinforced his bones with kryptonian metal to take a punch from Superman.


The reason why I have an image from Spider-Man 3 is because this is the same thing that killed Spider-Man 3, they had three villains plus peter and all his baggage and drama crammed into a single film and the film didn't benefit from it as a whole, and as a matter of fact it derailed the whole franchise to the point we had to reboot Spider-Man. And to be honest, Batman v. Superman seems to be cramming even more. We have Lex Luthor, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman is supposed to appear, and now there's rumors (may even be confirmed) that Doomsday is getting in on this action and this could quickly get out of hand.

Remember Amazing Spider-Man 2? We had three villains but at least that film had the sense to have Electro be the main bad guy and goblin as the secondary, but they also blue balled the audience by introducing Rhino in the last twenty seconds. The film dragged on and it just felt cluttered. Batman v. Superman is looking to be the same way also they're trying to build an entire universe for DC out of this movie and they're trying to catch up to Marvel but Marvel took several movies to build it up before having the big crossover and I'm worried this is shaping up to be DC's Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Spider-Man 3 at the rate this is going.

So these are the reasons why I'm still worried about Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice and why I'm not a hundred percent sold on it and am very cautiously optimistic and am avoiding the hype train, but this is just my opinion, I do not look down on anyone who is on the hype train or convinced this is going to be an amazing film, I sincerely hope you are right but for me there are several things sticking out like red flags for me here.


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