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With Civil War fast approaching one thing has t be on the fans of Marvel's mind. THE NEW CHARACTERS!!! With Black Panther photos fresh off the press I and other fans are going raving mad in anticipation for this film. One character sticks out though, and that character is Spider-man. This centers around the fact that he has come home! fox made a deal and in doing so gave back a much needed milestone in the movies development and how close it will portray the comics we all know and love. As incredible as this may be there are still huge things that need to happen and it can all start with Fox and marvel arranging some sort of merger to finally bring the universes together how they are suppose to be.

The Movie adaptations-

Marvel Has been a god send to comic book lovers for so long now. Ever since Iron Man hit the big screens they have just been hitting home runs, Fox on the other hand aren't quite knocking them out of the park. I hate to say it but I have watched Fantastic Four and It felt like i was watching the worlds longest trailer. I had High hopes for it they even added some Deadpool goodness to sweeten the pot (or maybe a small sorry for Origins -_- ), But ultimately it was a let down For all fans as for me personally I felt like my voice wasn't heard. I believe if marvel got a crack at some of the recent failure made by Fox not only will justice be served for all the Iconic Group among others. Once The X-men movies are completed Fox should hand the rights back over to marvel and let them have an attempt, with their recent track record I am Hopeful that the fans will be heard.

Give more to What marvel already has-

Civil war is already incredible. It has got high hopes. It even has actually got the Web slinger. Unfortunately it is missing something, The numbers! This is The Civil WAR but it seems to be lacking numbers for it to be a war. As much as I hate to say it, but I will, This feels sorta like the Civil Scuffle. Imagine what it would be like if we could add Mutants to the mix heroes and villains alike. The numbers would increase greatly and add to what the name suggest it is, War.

It would have also been a huge help with Age of Ultron. I mean I loved that movie but as a Di-hard fan It felt weird being introduced to two Quicksilvers so close together especially when his untimely demise came before me. The "How It Should Have Ended Youtube channel (HISHE) Showed what I imagine, ( Video Below). As well as that I went into full Maniac mode when their parents were Dead!?!?! I thought to myself "Their Dad Controls Metal, Why the hell didn't he just..... Oh wait never mind :((((", This kind of confusion can put people off wanting to see the movie a second and third time. Bringing the franchises together makes sense in order to keep people happy and money flowing at full speeds. Which is kinda what the movies were made to do. For enjoyment and Profit.

The future crossover opportunities-

Ok People let me make this clear, I am a Deadpool Guy through and Through, I am also a Punisher guy. Basically Anti-heroes are my thing. So This last reason Why I would like Marvel to get the rights to the Characters back is Purely Selfish reason........... And they are

Deadpool and/or Punisher kills the Marvel Universe!!!!

Imagine seeing all your beloved heroes and villains torn apart by One man. I would love to see that!!! the action, the cast and the creative direction these films would take is beyond incredible. I mean sure It will cost a lot of money but they will make it back and then some with ease. Hell I would go to see that enough to pay them back by myself. It is proven how popular the Anti-hero side of things is becoming Deadpool is taking the world by Storm and even though it is an R rated feature it is going to break box office records. But in order for my fan girl Dreams to true, Sadly They need to merge. I don't want to see Deadpool Kills the X-men or Punisher kills Some dudes I want these Unstoppable rampaging Guys to jack up a reunited MARVEL UNIVERSE!!!!!! Hell I would even settle for the one film and have them Team up. It strays from the comics a bit I know but now as much as they have been with the Rights split.

So Please Fox You have given us Some memorable Films but like all toy it time to give them back to the original owner before they get Damaged.


Think Marvel and fox need to talk??


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