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When our Tasty Productions producers sat down to come up with a new playlist idea for our current Geek and Nerd themed YouTube channel Geek Pow, a ton of different ideas were thrown out. But the one we ALL seemed to come back to was, you guessed it, making fake infomercials.

So why in the heck would we make a fake infomercial? Well first of all, we loved watching Tim & Eric. Maybe because it is weird, maybe because it's funny... does it matter? It is great, am I right? We wanted to do something that felt similar, but we had a ton of ideas brewing about how to execute that. We wanted it to be weird, funny, but maybe somewhat believable... at least for the first few seconds! You never know what the next product on the market will be (clearly not invisible pants).

So we sat down and we wrote and wrote some more and wrote again. We ended up with a script about invisible pants. We know you all definitely are lining up to buy them now, right?? As you may have guessed, there were definitely some limitations to shooting a video about invisible pants. One, we didn't want our actors running around downtown with no pants on... Not good. So we made sure to have a final script that could have some scenes shot on our green screen and others near our producer's house. We are based out of Columbia Missouri. We have a full production studio there with a green screen, black magic cameras, lighting and props! We also work with a variety of talent including anchors for our other channels and actors for shows like this!

Shooting took about five hours total, with setup adding about two hours to that process. Then the editing was a whole project in itself! We actually ended up shooting a lot more than what appears in the final video. When making videos for YouTube, you always want to make sure that you have more than enough footage to sift through. That typically is a good rule of thumb for any video project! We did many takes of each of the scenes as well. We really wanted to make sure that our character was somewhat developed, even though it is just a short video.

And that's about it! We wanted to do something truly unique, so we I hope you enjoy.... TOTALLY REAL: INVISIBLE PANTS on our YouTube channel Geek Pow.

Let us know your thoughts on the video. Did you like it? Did you think it was funny? We definitely would love YOUR feedback! You can leave comments directly on the video. Be sure to let us know you came from this Movie Pilot post.

In the future we will definitely be making some new fake infomercials. Want to hear a spoiler? Our next one is Nicotine Rocks... don't even ask me where we come up with these ideas, I have no clue! Stick a bunch of creatives in a room and the possibilities are endless.


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