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The wild world of LEGO has always been known as one without boundaries - if you could snap two LEGO bricks together, you could build nearly anything you wanted to. While artists have been bringing incredible LEGO-based work to life for decades, a recent competition saw the stunning recreation of an iconic castle from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess at the hands of a long-time gamer.

Last weekend, a massive competition was held by Brickfair Virginia, and LEGO enthusiast-slash-avid LoZ player Joseph Zawada took his entry to the competiton via two separate trucks.

The result of Joseph's work is a stunning replica of Hyrule Castle, the domain of Princess Zelda, which our hero Link has dashed into in the past. Check out Josh's full model, and his process, below:

The full model took Justin over two years, and lots of creativity. With no rounded LEGO bricks, Justin had to simulate the curves of Hyrule Castle's rooftop, and worked hard to bring the bright green vegetation around the video game locale.

Back in 2012, LEGO famously rejected a proposed Legend of Zelda minifig set, so the possibility of crossovers is a little bleak. Still -- a crossover in video game format, which LEGO is known to have mountains of fun with plot-wise, would be amazing. So, hey, LEGO folks -- how about a crossover?


Would you play a Legend of Zelda/LEGO crossover game?


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