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It can be hard to be a superhero sometimes. You have Iron Man, Batman, about 100 different Spider-Men, Green Lantern and so on. With superhero movies being in their prime right now, it's hard to remember those who aren't included, especially the ones that are hard to believe they even exist. Well there is one superhero who I believe is earning a bad rap. He's only remembered for two comic blocks but I believe there's more to him than meets the eye. This is about Arm Fall-Off Boy.

What the Heck?? WHY??

I want to prove that even the worst of heroes deserve a chance. People laugh at Arm Fall-Off Boy. They question why he was even made. I used to think that too when I first heard of him. Arm Fall-Off Boy deserves better and here's what I propose DC does with him to totally make him a better hero.

DC should reinvent him. All we know about Arm Fall-Off Boy is that he can detach his limbs and use them as clubs and that he later becomes part of the Heroes of Lallor (had to look that up). There's no backstory or anything besides of what his powers are. That is the problem right there. Fans gotta be given something to care about. Even though we're tired of it, Uncle Ben's death still hits us. Bruce Wayne's parents murder still hits us. Give Arm Fall-Off Boy a tragic backstory. It could be literally anything, just make it tragic. Have it be the build up to when he gains his powers. Next, make sure he gets his powers in a cool way. That may be hard to do but hey, the writers at DC are phenomenal and could figure it out. Like maybe he gets his limbs blown off in a radioactive accident or something but due to the radiation, they grow back and could detach and reattach at will. DC would find a way to make it work. Lastly, set him in modern times and don't give him a major villain. Arm Fall-Off Boy originally is from another planet and is 1000 years into the future. Set him up in modern times on our planet. Also, make him like a street fighter because he's not big league level like Batman or Superman. He can be an everyday protector. A silent guardian. An Arm Fall-Off Boy.

On a final note, make him kid-friendly(ish). If DC wants to be really bold, put him in the sadly kid-friendly Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network. Kids would for sure get a real kick out of him and would probably make the show 10x better.

What do you think? Should Arm Fall-Off Boy get revamped and become somewhat more relevant? Vote and comment below!


Should Arm Fall-Off Boy Get Revamped?


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