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In the original version of the last episode, there was narration saying that someone would die in this one. Originally I had no idea who it would be, and with the level of character development everyone had gotten I thought it might be Sheila, who we had just met, or Lopez, a character that has barely done anything since being introduced. As you can tell by the thumbnail, I was dead wrong.

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Things are tense on the battlefield: Grif and Simmons find themselves confronted by a tank, and Caboose has next to no idea what he's doing inside. After the auto-fire sequence is initiated the Reds make a run for it and the Blues think they're saved, which is technically both true and false. The jeep gets utterly wrecked and Simmons berates Grif while behind a rock for cover for his plan to leave the jeep earlier. Once Church rises up to compliment the Rookie on his job well done, he gets locked on by the tank (now why would the tank autolock onto friendly targets?) and shot, killing him. The episode ends with Tucker briefly lamenting over his teammates demise, until Church spends his last moments being a total dick to him.

Favorite Dialogue from the Episode:

While Church is dying

Church: No. Ah... I'm n-I'm not gonna make it. Tucker... there's something I need to tell you.

Tucker: What is it?

Church: I just want you to know... I always hated you. I always hated you the most.

Tucker: Yeah, I know you did. Now hurry up and die, you prick.

Church: Okay. Herk!...Bleah...


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