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I am a huge movie buff. Video Game Geek. Steampunk Freak. Theatre Nerd.

Zombeavers is another B-Rated horror movie. It's one of those movies where it takes a generic plot, friends go on trip to a cabin with little-to-no other people around, no cell reception, and they get attacked, and tries to add a twist, zombie beavers.

*SPOILER WARNING* Like if you guys care about seeing this

So the movie starts off with radioactive waste gets knocked into the lake by an idiot driver looking at his flip-phone........... nuff said.

These 3 college girls: Jen, generic blonde, Zoe, not-so-innocent i think brunette (Zoe also has a very annoying accent from like somewhere south and she also has a little dog whom she loves), and chick with glasses who's name I don't remember, going to Glasses cousin's house in the middle of Forest, Carolina for a girls weekend. blah blah blah Sex scene blah blah blah Zombeavers eat people blah blah blah people turn into Zombie Beaver People (which didn't look bad surprisingly) blah blah blah everyone dies. Everyone.


Don't get me wrong it was a kind of entertaining movie. The beavers didn't look bad which surprised me and my friend who knows about film crud. Pretty funny and weird. You don't have to see it. But if you like Sharknado you may like this.


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