ByShawn Skinner, writer at

Recently report's from the filming locations for The Walking Dead have come in as having seen Tyler James Williams AKA Noah, with Season 5's death of Tyreese having seen him plagued by visions of his friends who had passed talking to him; and knowing that Glenn's death where the comic's are concerned is supposed to occur soon one has to wonder if Glenn will be visited by Noah as he dies. I think I secretly have been hoping that somehow this would change from the comic storyline to Glenn surviving since Andrea was killed off in the show but not the comic's, Steven Yuen in my opinion has brought more depth to the charachter than what was shown in the comic's; and honestly so many other changes have also been made storyline wise I believed he now stood a chance until the Comic-Con trailer we have all now undoubtedly seen ending with Lucille displayed menacingly in all her barbed wire wrapped glory, and the season 5 hints such as Glenn's reflection on how he knew where the extra RV Battery was located and his finding of the Louisville Slugger in Noah's hometown. I guess we all have to wait for Season 6 to find out, but the final bad clue we should all watch for would be Maggie discovering she is Pregnant; and the final sign in the road would be telling Glenn, in the comic's he dies shortly after that.


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