ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

So it's official, where going to get a stand alone Cyborg film in April 3, 2020. even if things Do change before then. It's been leaked that actor Ray Fisher who is to play cyborg, has filmed his part for director Zack snyder in Batman vs Superman dawn of Justice. Back in july, it's still a Mystery to me which part fisher played, was it a cameo appearance as Victor stone or A k A cyborg ?

However the stand alone film should focus on the origin's of victor stone which should make a fantastic film. for those comic book fans that don't know, Victor stone was the son of a pair of scientists who decided to use stone as a test subject for various intelligence enhancement projects. which went badly wrong. Making him become 'Cyborg' Are you a cyborg fan ? and hoping like me to see a film version ?


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