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By now, you've either seen Ant-Man or you've at least heard of the mid-credit and post-credit scene. But if not, be forewarned: Here be spoilers.

So you know that at the very end of the movie, we got confirmation that Hope van Dyne, who was really the one who should have been the superhero all along throughout the movie, will finally be suiting up as the Wasp. And we know that the suit already looks awesome:

As it turns out, Evangeline Lilly has already been fitted and scanned for that same Wasp suit, she revealed in a Facebook Q&A:

Unfortunately, since Lilly is pregnant with her second child, she hasn't gotten a chance to try on the costume yet.

Last month, Kevin Feige revealed that they had initially planned on Wasp being part of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), but felt that with so many characters already participating, they didn't want to overshadow Hope's debut as Wasp. And while it's disappointing we won't get to see her suit up any time soon, it does mean that Lilly will have plenty of time to get back into fighting shape after having her baby.

Will we see her for [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027)? Let's hope!


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