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(WARNING Potential SPOILERS for Batman V Superman and the DCEU as a whole. This is all speculation, but if you'd rather not read speculation before seeing a movie, I would advise you to turn away now...If you do not wish to adhere to the advisory please continue.)

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is still over 6 months away from hitting theaters, yet it seems everyday the movie makes headlines all over the place making us nerds super excited for the battle of a life time (in the same year we get to see Captain America and Iron Man face off!) For the most part, comic book nerds, superhero enthusiasts and movie goers everywhere have been reading ridiculous theories about what we might see in BvS and the future of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU for short), ranging from the popular (yet highly unlikely) "Joker is actually Jason Todd" theory to the less popular (but much more likely) "Doomsday is in the movie" theory. So today, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon of ridiculous fan theories and propose my own preposterous (yet strangely fitting) idea of who Superman really is in Batman V Superman.

Superman is Secretly Cyborg Superman!

It all makes sense now! Everything we know about the movie, all the doubts we've had about it, all the questions lingering in the air, and the moments from the trailers that just don't make sense now seem to fit into place. Perhaps for the majority of the movie, this impostor Superman is masquerading as Superman in order to bring down the God-like superhuman into international infamy. Not convinced? Well, I have some pretty damning evidence to support this theory based on the trailers we've seen, synopses we've gotten so far, and some outside sources (namely the comic books and the Injustice video game.) We've also heard from BvS director Zack Synder himself tell us that there's a bigger enemy in Batman V Superman, this theory suggests it might be Cyborg Superman. However, before I get into the evidence, let's discuss who exactly this Cyborg Superman is.

Hank Henshaw the Man Who Hates Superman

Simply put, Hank is a scientist who goes mad with grief after his wife dies. He and his wife worked for LexCorp (which is run by the villainous Lex Luthor portrayed in the DCEU by Jesse Eisenberg), in a freak accident Hank and his team start phasing out of existence as their bodies die but their minds remain whole. In order to stay alive, Hank transfers his mind into the Lexcorp computer system. He broods in silence over the death of his wife and comes to the conclusion that everything is Supermans fault, so he attempts to go after Superman. However, if Hank wants to bring Superman down he has to have a body to use. Hank then becomes Cyborg Superman (a robot crafted from the DNA of a Kryptonian) and claims to the world to be Superman reborn and proceeds to destroy Superman's reputation.

Now that we have a brief history of Cyborg Superman, here's how the theory could fit into the DCEU. I present to you the first piece of evidence!

Evidence #1 - Lexcorp Experiments with General Zod

From what we know from the trailer, casting information, and the synopses for Batman V Superman, we know that Lexcorp is doing something with General Zod's body. The details have been theorized about the internet over, some even claiming he'll be used to create Bizarro. My theory suggests that General Zod's DNA will be used in the crafting of the Cyborg Superman that Hank uses to damage Superman's reputation. General Zod is a Kryptonian and that's really the only thing needed to make a robot with Superman powers, the image of Superman can easily be created from photographs. Now, this alone wouldn't be enough to support this far fetched fan theory, but fear not ,I have more evidence!

Evidence #2 - "Do You Bleed?"

The phrase uttered by Batman has become a fan favorite all over the internet, being used in dozens of memes, the center of fan art creations, and the coolest line ever delivered via trailer. Ever since I saw the trailer, I've questioned why Batman would choose those words? Does he not believe that aliens can bleed? Is he saying he can hit hard enough to make superman bleed? Why would this be the question to ask when you meet Superman? This fan theory answers all those questions. Batman says "Do you bleed?" because he knows that Superman is actually a robot, ergo can't possibly bleed. Batman is telling the robot, and Lex Luthor, that he's onto their plan to destroy Superman's reputation.

If this theory is to be believed, it would also explain why Batman wants to beat Superman up so much. It's not because Batman has some grudge against Superman, it's actually because Batman wants to rescue the real superman and destroy The Cyborg. Still need more convincing? That's alright, because I submit to the Jury the third article of evidence.

Evidence #3 - Superman Kneels to Lex Luther

This part of the trailer always leaves me with one of two reactions. The first reaction is angrily shouting at my computer screen "NO! Don't do it Superman!" and the second reaction is scratching my head, wondering why in the world Superman would be bowing down to a mere mortal man. A new rumor suggests that Luthor kidnapped Martha Kent (Superman's mama), but that doesn't make much sense and comes from the same unreliable source (El Mayimbe) that told us Asa Butterfeild was cast as Spider-man.

Here's what I propose - That person kneeling before Lex Luthor is actually Cyborg Superman who is working for Luthor because of mutual interests (destroying Superman). This could explain all the strangeness of the whole situation and makes my nerdy outburst completely unnecessary. Now, these three pieces of evidence might not be enough on their own to convince you, but I'm not done yet! I have one final, huge, extraordinary, piece of evidence that completes the puzzle.

Evidence #4 - That weird moment from the trailer where Superman has an army

He has an army??? WHY?
He has an army??? WHY?

If there was one other moment from the otherwise awesome trailer that left me scratching my head, it was the moment where it was revealed that Superman has an army. For me, this doesn't make any sense, Superman is so much more powerful than Batman, why would he need an army? And that ladies, gentleman, and everybody who identifies differently, is where this whole crazy theory comes from. You see, I was playing Injustice Ultimate Edition (where all the costumes are already unlocked) with my brother, my brother was playing as Cyborg Superman, and in a weird turn of events he beat me. Normally this would have called for a rematch, but instead we noticed something was off. Cyborg Superman has a different scene when he wins compared to the other Superman costumes. Cyborg Superman has a bunch of dudes around him who look exactly like the soldiers we see bowing down to Superman.

From the trailer we know that these men follow Superman. They have his crest on their arms, they bow to him, and they fight Batman in the desert for him. If we take into account all of the evidence gathered above we can conclude that Batman is fighting these men in the desert in order to rescue the real Superman who is trapped somewhere in the barren wasteland.

There's some smaller evidence too, but it doesn't warrant long paragraphs of information. The fact that Superman doesn't appear to be saving people when their houses are floating, he always seems to be lacking emotion, the world hates him, and the mean words on his statue are all signs that point to Cyborg Superman being in the DCEU.

Of course, this could all be completely untrue and we could be seeing something completely different in the upcoming Batman V Superman. However, if this does prove to be true, it would be the biggest plot twist since Darth Vader said "No, I am your Father" (um spoiler-alert? Or has it been long enough that everyone has already seen Star Wars?)


Are you convinced by this fan theory?


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