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Batman V. Superman: What the movie should be if they best utilized what we have seen in the trailers thus far....

First I would like to touch on a moment of the trailer that people seem to be having issues with the most. Near the end of the full trailer we hear Jesse Eisenburg's Lex Luthor jokingly say: "The red capes are coming! The red capes are coming!" Based on the reactions fans have had to this dialogue I can assume that most find it ridiculous. In my opinion I believe this is a moment where Lex is explaining his plan to turn the human race against their alien hero in a cape. Liking the situation to past wars and playing on the human fear of the unknown. Taking advantage of our tendencies to band together to defeat a common enemy.

I see it as Lex mocking the people he can so easily manipulate. In efforts to make him menacing in an updated way. These days when we think of young billionaires we might imagine someone similar to Eisenburg. Not someone who towers in height and could physically be a match for the man of steel. This Lex Luthor is a tech genius billionaire who knows how to manipulate anyone and will do so to his advantage in a heartbeat. He could destroy everything you have worked for in you life with a few words muttered under his breath with the help of anyone you know and love. That is terrifying!

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, here are 5 plot points I think Batman V. Superman should utilize to make an amazing movie:

Number 1 - Lex Luthor's plan should be to place all the blame on Superman for the events in the previous "Man of Steel" film. All the while, he should be rubbing it in the face of the wounded Bruce Wayne that this superhuman being caused all those dozens of deaths. That Superman is a beacon of trouble just drawing inevitable tragedies to their unprotected planet. How would he know to do that to Bruce Wayne you ask? Well, A) he is not an idiot and figured out that Batman was one of the handful of billionaires able to pay for Batman's expensive lifestyle choices, and B) The Joker told him! (I'll get to that one soon.)

Number 2 - Lex Luthor should find a way to try and control Superman's actions. Either through Kryptonite or emotional manipulation so that this threatening Superman he is trying to portray to the people is real and very much an threat to their own existence. In turn, making Lex the new savior of the people for bringing this terrorist to justice.

Number 3 - Bruce Wayne must struggle with the decision of whether or not to become the Batman once again. After loosing his comrade (Robin) he hesitates for only a few scenes of the movie but ultimately decides to don the iconic suit once again because... well, this movie needs it to happen to provide us with some actual conflict. Unless the film makers and studio executives would like a rerun of the new Fan4stic debacle.

Now these last two are my favorites and I hope that there is something close to these ideas in the released film!

Number 4 - I am in love with the idea that this Joker (Jared Leto) was previously Robin who was believed to be dead. It's a great nod to the comics while being a fresh take on anything we've seen in a DC movie lately. I personally would like to add to that theory and say that in this story line there are multiple incarnations incarnations of The Joker... That The Joker is an idea that infects the minds of the sick and twisted. Growing into a unique Joker for each incarnation while retaining the overall idea of his character. (That way we can always have Heath Ledger's Joker! Fanboy swoon...)

Number 5 - And finally there is Wonder Woman. Female characters in super hero films have been lacking in comparison to their male counterparts. Which is depressing considering all they have to work with! SO for the finale of this movie I think the best way to end the battle versus these titans of machismo is with Diana Prince. After the initial fight between Batman and Superman, Batman obviously looses. After a major tech upgrade the two face off again only to be saved by an intervening Wonder Woman. Who, I'm sure, Bruce knows through some military exposition that will be thrown into the movie early on. Diana Prince is an Air Force Commanding Officer who would have risen through the ranks pretending to be a average human hoping to one day help the people of Earth reach peace in her own discreet and legal means. Instead of feeling the need to carry around a similar "big stick" that her male counterparts seem to cling to she opts for a more logical approach. Using her intelligence and tactical battle skills to end meaningless feuds. However, after standing by to witness the first battle that nearly decimated a major city, she feels it is her duty and moral obligation to intervene this time. Thrusting Wonder Woman into the attention she initially tried to avoid. Proving that there are those willing to defend our human morals all the while being a super awesome match for the Man of Steel and Dark Knight. Something Lex Luthor was not banking on allowing her to foil his evil plan and save the day!

Now that would be a spectacular way to lead into the Justice League.

Please share your fan theories! And thanks for reading.


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