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Disney Junior's recently announced spin-off of The Lion King stars Kion, a son of Simba and Nala's, whose job it is to oversee the action of the Pride Lands as the Lion Guard. The younger brother of The Lion King II's Kiara, Kion is a spirited, prideful young cub with what looks like a My Little Pony cutie mark on his shoulder. Kion leads a ragtag group of young animals as they prowl the land in search of adventure.

The latest clip from the series features Kion, his friend Bunga, and a pair of hungry hyenas that are looking to have chopped lion cub for lunch. Check it out below:

The show, very obviously meant for young children (it's on Disney Junior, my fellow cynical 90's kids) features bright and beautiful animation and the return of a rather iconic catchphrase.

The Lion Guard premieres on Disney Junior in November.


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