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DC Comics and Warner Bros. have surely decided to thrill their fans. With the upcoming list of movies, there is always a hint to an upcoming flick. Let's see how Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are hinting Batman Under the Red Hood (A Death in the Family) is in production.

1) Amazing Storyline

For sure, Death in the Family or Under the Red Hood is in the talks since a long time because of its film-like story and also a resemblance to DC being dark somehow. After featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt in Nolan's Dark Knight Rises, DC has planned to bring Boy Wonder and Joker into the highlight. This could be one of the reasons why the film might be in productions.

2) The Hints

As we've seen in the trailers of BatmanVSuperman and Suicide Squad, Joker and Robin's Costume has been in the talks quiet a lot. Also, the dialogues seem to tease us about this. For example, The teaser of BvS, when reveals Ben Affleck for the first time, the dialogues goes as

'Perhaps, that's how it starts. The Fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness, which turns good men cruel.'

Remember Jason Todd? When the joker beat him to death? He would've felt the same, right? Otherwise, neither Batman nor Superman can feel powerlessness (okay maybe Bats, but he won't turn cruel, right?), hence i see no possible link of the dialogue to both of them in the movie.

Another hint,

Who is The Joker beating up in the Suicide Squad trailer?

Oh, i'm not gonna kill ya. I'm just gonna hurt ya, really, really bad.

Yea, i can totally connect it to the 'Death in the Family' story-line.

3) The Similarities

To my surprise, the movies 'Under the Red Hood' and 'Assault on Arkham'(featuring Suicide Squad Storyline) hold a lot of Joker's similarities.

Yes, The Joker in both of the movies is much different than any other DC Movies. The haircut, the attire, everything is so similar to each other, similar to the Jared Leto's Joker :

Joker in Assault on Arkham
Joker in Assault on Arkham
Joker in Under the Red Hood
Joker in Under the Red Hood
Joker in Suicide Squad
Joker in Suicide Squad
Joker in Suicide Squad
Joker in Suicide Squad

Tell me, aren't they similar? Hint much?

4) The Robin-Connection

Why will robin write 'HAHAHA Joke's on you BATMAN' on his own costume, it's pretty clear who scribbled it.

The Robin's connection to BvS is absolutely clear by the costume. But who sent 'Bruce Wayne', the letter? Joker never knew the Batcave's Address!

Also, Bruce Wayne asks Alfred in the BvS Trailer :

20 years in Gotham, how many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?

Good Guys turned Bad into Gotham? Either Harvey Dent or Jason Todd, right?

There is so much more coming, I hope the hints are true, 'coz we would absolutely love the 'Death in the Family' movie.

More power to you, DC!


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