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Yes, Marvel's "Devil Dinosaur" has been revamped into a mainstream character again. Not only this but Devil will be accompanied by Moon Girl (formerly Moon Boy). Moon Girl is African American Lunella Lafayette who has a mysterious alien DNA. Indeed this is another positive step by Marvel in representing positive diversity. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will be set in today's New York City, a state that is very different to the 1960's, as New York (and the world as a whole) is more multicultural. It's only right that ethnic minorities are properly represented in comics, just like Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, Sam Wilson, Amadeus Cho and Luke Cage, Lafayette is a true reflection of what America is today. As Editor in Chief Axel Alonso stated:

“The Marvel Universe is at its best when it reflects the world outside your window — and that world looks different in 2015 than it did in 1963.”

Alonso is correct, we need better representation of ethnic as female leads.

Miles Morales - an icon for ethnic minority superheroes.
As is Sam Wilson Captain America.
Kamala Khan - a female Muslim superhero.
Lunella Lafayette is a positive move by Marvel.

It's not only Lafayette's inclusion as a mainstream character in Marvel, it's also her positive image. She is a genius who resembles a female Sherlock Holmes and has gadgets that remind us of Inspector Gadget. As Assistant editor Emily Shaw stated for Entertainment Weekly:

Lafayette's brain "works a little differently than all of the other kids her age".
"That idea of feeling sort of isolated and on your own during that very early time of life we thought was really compelling, and could really resonate with a lot of readers," she said.
"Generally, we're skewing a little bit older with a lot of our titles and we wanted to create something that adults and kids could really love, like a Pixar feel."

I hope that diversity increases in the comic world. For to long it's been a white dominated industry. Credit to Marvel for making this move.


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