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Baldwin Collins

Growing up in London England during the 60's & 70's era, you're subjected to watching only two television networks, back then the BBC & ITV the BBC British broad casting corporation. the BBC had great sitcom shows back, one of them was ''DADS ARMY' a war time themed comedy about Elderly folks who volunteers as Home Guards during world war 2, the show was a success airing from (1968) to (1977) also spawning a ''DADS ARMY'' FILM in (1971)

However the British classic is getting a Hollywood revival in a film remake ,After seeing some of the latest photo's of the actors who are portraying the original characters from the t v series & film, i must admit i'am amazed. The new cast members really capture the image of the original cast members who are mostly passed on leaving the youngest member actor Ian lavender who played private pike. rumour has it, lavender hasn't been approached by the producers to even make a cameo appearance, which many fans consider a shame.

However the line-up of stars are impressive Catherine zeta Jones is also a cast member, Toby Jones will be playing the legendary captain Mainwaring originally played by the late Arthur Lowe the soft spoken sergeant Wilson originally played by the late John Le mesurier will be played by Bill Nighy and Lance corporal Jones originally played by the late Clive Dunn will be played by veteran actor Tom Courtenay.

Many Loyal fans are saying, why reboot a classic show that the British public loved and cared about so much ? if you're familiar with the show give me you're comments on the Remake version.


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