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Ahhhh... Star Wars! One of the most quotable, iconic, and watched movie franchises of all time. From Chewbacca to Darth Vader, Star Wars has had more than a few characters appear on the big screen. And when I think of Luke Skywalker, I think of Mark Hamill. And when I think of Han Solo, I think of Harrison Ford. That's just how it is.

But you would never guess some of the actors that were considered for the roles of our favorite Star Wars characters. Such as...

Sylvester Stallone - Han Solo

You probably have heard about this one before, but it still definitely deserves a spot on this list. Think about it, what if Rocky played Han Solo? Pretty crazy right? Well, it almost happened.

Karen Allen - Princess Leia

Before she was cast in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Karen Allen almost had the role as Star Wars' leading lady. She auditioned for the role. but was beat by Carrie Fisher.

Gary Oldman - General Grievous

General Grievous had the potential to be one of the most captivating and memorable Star Wars villains, sadly, that day never came. All we remember is this wheezing, mutli-saber wielding Sith, who got its inspiration from Lucas' own bronchitis. But, I think the character would have been a little more memorable if Gary Oldman would have gotten the role.

Mel Blanc - C3PO

Imagine a world where C3PO sounded like Daffy Duck. Well, that world almost existed. Blanc was one of the front runners, but was surpassed by Anthony Daniels.

James Caan - Han Solo

James Caan is notorious for passing down roles that turn out to be great. Such as Superman, MASH, and Apocalypse Now. And you betcha ya, he did it again with Star Wars.

Paul Walker - Anakin Skywalker

The Star Wars sequels are known for being the bad trilogy in the franchise. And one reason that they were bad was because of the acting choices (except Ewan McGregor). With the addition of Paul Walker as Anakin, I think that would have partially fixed the problem.

Christopher Walken - Han Solo

Ummmm.... Since we are used to Harrison Ford's cocky, gun slinger version of Han Solo, Walken's take on the character would definitely have been a lot different to say the least.

Christopher Lee - Grand Moff Tarkin

Though he played the immensely powerful Count Dooku in the Star Wars sequels, Lee was considered for a Star Wars role long before. Believe it or not, Christopher Lee almost played Grand Moff Tarkin.

Jodie Foster - Princess Leia

Even though Foster was around 15 at the time of the original Star Wars, she was still considered for the role. I am going to guess that at that time, Princess Leia was not considered a love interest for Han Solo, considered the possible casting choices.

Leonardo DiCaprio - Anakin Skywalker

There have been rumors that Leo turned down Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Robotech. Whether that is true or not, he was once considered for the role has our favorite good guy turned bad guy.


Which actor surprised you the most?


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