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Still here? OK...

So a theory about The Jokers origins in the DCCU has been gaining major traction as of late. The theory states that this Joker may just be a new generation Joker and that it is, in fact, ROBIN!!! Which Robin? That's still up for debate. Now I am well aware that in various iterations of the comics and Animated Universes, this has came to be. And I'm all for this kind of twist since it is rather interesting. However, here is the reason why I call BS on this particular theory for the DCCU: The age factor! Quite simply, Ben Affleck and Jared Leto are both the same age. It may be hard to believe considering that Mr. Leto doesn't look a day over 30, but he is, in fact, 43! Now I'm not saying that Mr. Leto couldn't play younger, but why even cast an Actor the same age, or around the same age as Mr. Affleck if they weren't going to use that to their advantage? Anyway, that's my two cents on this theory. What are your guys thoughts?


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